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Sidecountry at Snowbasin, UT - Hell's Canyon Video

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Finally got this done.


The skinny on Utah this past January was that the snows had stopped by late December, it rained on January 11 all over the Wasatch and we arrived on Jan 25 to 6" of new fluff at The Canyons.


Sunny skies the rest of the week and temps hovering around freezing at elevation.


The vid is 12 mins and shows 45*+ slopes with extremely variable snow. Avi danger LOW!!!

The short trees would be buried in a snowy January, but for our purposes they are gates. ha-ha Hell's Canyon http://vimeo.com/20040341



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the hill is meant to be gone down!

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pretty cool, looked "groomed" ! very nice video, especially part where you get your friend's ski, dig it out...

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The frustrations of shooting vid with other skiers. The one line that Dick skies on the vid was the best stretch, the one where he skies it like he's skiing groomed. My other buddy never got it together for the video, I'm renegotiating with his agent.

Dick is in communications, so he knows how to ski for the camera. I was hoping to just be a stable video platform and get my buds.


We figured it was just us in there for a reason, almost 3,000 vert of "keep your kewl" and live the gnar!

We had skied the OB rope the day before after tramming with a 'troller and skiing over with her. Good to be checked out like that, she skied the rope on a parallel.


Be warned, that whole area will have HIGH AVI DANGER when the next big snows come.


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Nice editing! Hell's Canyon is pretty sick, though pretty scary.


Only thing: it didn't rain on January 11. Not sure where that was from, but I was out at Powder and it was snowing, if I remember right. No rain at all that entire week in the mountains.

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Just telling you what we were told by locals that we know, relatives......and our friend from VT who was skiing the backcountry above Alta. The Canyons and Snowbasin both showed signs of hard rain in places, that's why we picked our way down......very dicey!

                                                                                                                                                                                                            P    Perhaps POW MOW was far enough north to miss it......it happens!

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It rained that night, though perhaps POW MOW was far enough north and didn't get it. We were told that it "poured".

That's why we had to pick our way down, it was very sketchy. Good snow for easterners, but even Castlerock doesn't have baby trees lurking all over.


I would point out that even Powder had hardpack in a lot of their inbounds, so my guess is they got it too.

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Stuck in a mobius loop?

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Don't really want to argue here because it really doesn't matter, but Powder didn't get it. I was riding there the entire week--there was a scattered six inches of snow or so, no rain, lots of powder around the mountain. I don't think Snowbasin did either because I was there on January 12 and there was some nice powder (though there was a wet, heavy snow that Friday and rain over the weekend). Maybe it rained a different day, but definitely not January 11. That's first-hand intel from actually being out there all week.


Not sure why rain on January 11 would really affect your trip two weeks later anyway (Jan 21 maybe?).

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Joe, no argument from me. Sorry about the triple post.

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Originally Posted by JoeUT View Post
Not sure why rain on January 11 would really affect your trip two weeks later anyway (Jan 21 maybe?).


It did rain to the ridgetops in January.  I'm not sure on the date but I can assure you it did happen.  The rain is STILL affecting things.  Solitude hasn't gotten Fantasy Ridge open since the rain event, there is still an ice skating rink on the ridgeline.  Every time it snows the wind scours the new snow off the ridgeline and leaves the skating rink.

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Rain event was 16-17th Jan - I arrived in SLC Monday 17th Jan and high tailed it north to Jackson straight away due to much better forecast there.  This rain was all over Utah and even up to 8000 feet at Jackson, bu only lower mtn there so not so bad.  Also rained up to top of  Big Sky Montana same time.


There was a moderate dump immediately following the rain at Alta I believe, but not much at Snowbasin - Pow Mow.  So I'd say it would have had a major effect on Snokat's trip, and as BobMc says, can have a lasting effect for weeks or months.

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Hey BC, tx for your weather report. Yep, as I wasn't there to see it, or really know what day it rained, my buddy Chet's cuz lives in SLC and gave us the skinny along with our Vet bro from VT who we skied with @ The Canyons our first afternoon in town, it rained sometime in UT before we got there!


Funny thing is the 6" or so that came down the morning we arrived, gave me POW turns on my first turns of the season. Perfect! Well, kind of, there were surprises all over.


Mt buddy Rich and I are Sugarbush skiers, so we know lotz about snow and how it gets weird, and how to ski it, we are all in our 50s and ski demanding terrain wherever we go.


My fav part of the vid is the variety of snow(?), and the lack of peeps, other than us.


On a parting note. My wife and I were leaving J-Hole after one trip in late January. Skied heavy POW in the morning, changed into street clothes and caught our shuttle back to the airport, only to have it rain buckets on the way. You should have seen the faces of the peeps coming out to the curb as we waltzed in. PRICELESS!


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