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Alignment Question

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I am somewhat bow-legged, pronate when lazy but tend to supinate when running. whatever.


in my tecnica magnesiums, i am wearing conformables and have the cufffs tilted outwards. standing on flat surface, boot soles are plane with ground and when flexing knes, they tracks pretty straight forward. the setup skis very well, too. could be i am relatively well aligned. could. 


now the actual question:


i want to get some AT boots. in terms of fit, Dynafit ZZero 4s seem to be great. still, they have no cuff "cant" andjustment. 


when i stand in them, i feel my weight slightly on the outside edges of the soles, and when flexing knees they track slightly inwards. shop staff keep telling me these things are of little importance in the backcountry, and so on. like, "i can't recall anbody using cant adjust" or the like.


am i going to have a problem in the zzeros? i don't want to end up having difficulties to engage edges/go straight.


thanks for your input.


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your shop guys are correct.


if you want boots for alpine performance, get alpine boots.


if you want performance for going uphill long and far, get lightweight AT boots.


Do not get mislead that either boot will offer the performance of the other.




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my goal isn't quite to replace my alpine boots. i am just wondering whether or not i can get away with the slight alignment issue mentioned for AT/sidecountry use. 


goal is to build a dynafit binding AT rig, but i want to get boots first. my current k2 skis have naxo nx21.


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Yes it will affect your alpine performance, but as jim says it is not an alpine boot, go with it and enjoy
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