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Denver Discount Lift tickets

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It's been years since I've been to Colorado but I'm going the first week of March.  Can some locals update you still get discount lift tix at supermarkets, or Gart Brothers on the front range, or what.


I even remember buying tickets at a supermarket in Frisco years ago, does that still work?

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Assume you are talking Summit County.  The deals that used to be available in the supermarkets and ski shops are pretty much gone.  At least at the Vail owed resorts.  Best for them is probably to join the Peaks program and buy online 7 days in advance.  Some discounts for Copper, but not great.  A-Basin and Loveland are still the bargains in the region.  Best deals for locals (and visitors staying more than a week) is a season pass.  A pass bought early is about the same price as a 5 day lift ticket.

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Where are you planning on going? If you've got a rental car and are putting a few miles on it, fill up at Shell. They've got 2-for-1 coupons good at Copper, WP, CB and a couple of other places. There are restrictions but if you can use them it'll save you a lot of money. Also try Craig's List (Denver) and e-bay. People are selling those vouchers (they cost them NOTHING!) but if you don't mind giving some cheesball a couple bucks, you can save yourself some $$$$. CB is 7-days, Copper is Sun-Fri, WP is Mon-Fri. Vail owned resorts and Steamboat are tough.

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Breckenridge ($102) and Vail ($105 at window) are very very tough for a deal. Other than schmoozing a

local for "ski with a friend buddy passes" (about $82) your best bet is a multiday pass (with 4 days or

more) at a ski shop or grocery store.  These will be good about half the days at Vail or BC.


As mentioned, Aspen & Steamboat are also very very tough.


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thanks to all who replied.   ah, for the good old days.....

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In case anyone else finds this thread, here's what I found ...

King Soopers in Boulder has Breck for $94 and Copper for $74 but their system was down on Sunday the 27th.


I found a kiosk at Boulder Ski Deals and got a 3 out of 5 day ticket for Breck for $261... just about the same as the breck online ticket without the advance purchase.


Those kiosks are everywhere at sporting goods stores on the front range, see prices on many resorts there.

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