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how much should i budget?

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Hey Guys, I know a lot of what I will end up shelling out for boots is going to depend on what boot fits my feet, but I would like to start putting some money away for a pair of boots for next season. I'm a beginner and have only taken one lesson so far. I was very much not happy with the rental boots. They felt snug when I tightened them up at first and then quickly became loose. I could feel my feet turn inside the boots befor my skis would turn and my right foot began to cramp in the arch area after only wearing them for about a half an hour. So in short, I don't need a high performance ski boot but I would like something that would suit me when I start skiing blue trai well. How much money should I put away? I'm 5'11 and about 210 pounds with a street shoe size of 10.5 if that helps narrow the range a little. Thanks, Garrett

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You don't need high performance, just performance. if you take to skiing you will need another boot as u improve. If u spend $399. u will be more than happy. Call it, bottom of the line good stuff!


Barring any major foot issues u will be good for 4 or 5 years...


Next boot will be an orthotic and a boot to suit...Chaching!

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Ok. 400 sounds reasonable, I was afraid to go to a bootfitter and find out that boots that fit me and the cost for having them fitted was going to be like 600+

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$400 is about right, but go in to get a boot that fits, and maybe last years 50% off boot will fit best.  Or maybe the $700 this years is the best.   If the $700 is best, but the $400 is only 10% "worse" fit are the savings worth it to you?


go in with VERY thin socks, any footbeds, or orthotics that you use, and an open mind.

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Thanks for responses, I feel better about going now. I think I would take the savings or performance at this point....10% worse can't really be that bad, can it? beercheer.gif

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