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Catching bus for LCC

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Storm coming into Utah tonight. I have a 2 wheel drive car. Am planning on going to LCC. where is best place to catch bus assuming I can't get up LCC with 2 wheel drive car. I will be drivning from downtown area. So was looking for one of the lots on way once i get off of I-215. Thanks for local info.

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I suggest the 6200 S Wasatch Park & Ride

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Thanks Bulk of snow tonight and supposed to have a break so maybe roads will be ok. Will see.

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It is dumping pretty hard right now. ~5" in 2 hours and this doesn't look like just a valley storm.


My advice, get up early and check the LCC road conditions. Everywhere will be face shot city so you can't make the wrong call.

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I'm planning to go up there tomorrow as well (assuming the road is open). Anyone else going to be there?

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Do the buses actually fill up closer to the canyons on powder days?

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Today through Satruday night 3 feet of snow predicted!  It's' snow'n, so we're go'n!  Leaving this afternoon.  Will be at the Bird tomorrow if LLC is open, if not then BCC.  biggrin.gif


Cottonwood Canyons Forecast


Synopsis Winter Storm Warning in effect from 11am today to 5am Sunday A developing trough moving south along the west coast will eject multiple pieces of energy eastward across northern Utah today and tonight and Friday. The main 700 mb baroclinic zone will move across the area late Friday night into Saturday morning bringing the heaviest snow. Strongest winds will occur in two time periods; the first will be late tonight into Friday morning with gusts to 55-60 mph and the second peak will be Friday night with gusts up 70 mph on top of ridges.


Storm Details


Storm Duration                           Total Storm Snow                        Total Storm Water


Begin - 2011-02-24 10:00 MST          30-42"                                          2.25-3.50"

 End - 2011-02-27 17:00 MST  

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Originally Posted by Skeeze View Post

Do the buses actually fill up closer to the canyons on powder days?


Yes.  I try to get on the bus a stop or two earlier than the base of the canyon. I've seen busses that are full drive right by without stopping (what's the point if there's no room?) and I've been on full busses that have driven right by.  The Swamp lot (6200S) is a good choice for Alta/Bird.



This depends  on the day of course.  I caught the early bus up to Alta on New Year's day and the base of the canyon was fine - more than fine, actually, I was the only one there. On a powder day, everything will be mobbed.  I'd suggest the swamp lot.

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