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So I finally got to demo the Magnum 8.1 yesterday and I struck gold! I know this is the the ski I want, flat and simple as that. (Others Ive demo'd are the AC30, 50, Salomon Lord, Sentinel - out west, and Atomic Blackeye). Only question was that I skied them in a 172 cm length and that's all the shop had, couldn't try out the 179 length. The 172 felt amazing, I had the best control I've ever felt on ski's in my life with these (in the worst ice conditions ever), but am wondering at my size, 6'1 190-200 lbs would the 172 be enough ski for me or should I do the 179?


Im afraid the 179 wont be as good in bumps, trees, and off-piste but more stable on front side carving esp for my size, where as the 172 although was perfect on carving yesterday, (it was very forgiving and held edges like glue but sometimes the tail would slip on tight turns or ice) but I think they would be a little easier in the bumps/trees. I ski aggressive and fast and ski just about anything now, and am trying to get more into the off-piste/bumps/glades stuff. Anyone who is about my size and ability, who has tried both lengths, have any input?


BTW, the shop that demo'd me the 172 can give em to me for $550, what a steal that would be!! Dunno if its worth the extra $ for me to go for the 179 or is it?