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Chat feature

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Seems to have disappeared?  Not that I used it, but I had it bookmarked and now that bookmark doesn't work. 


Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ';' in /var/www/sites/ on line 62



And I've looked around and can't find the link.



Edit:  It's the pop out that isn't working.  Found a link in an old thread.  How come that's the only way to find the thing?

post #2 of 5 works for me.  come on over for a quick hello.

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yup, when I click on the pop-out from the chat window it doesn't work.  same error message.

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If they want Chat to be used, they should put a link that can be FOUND somewhere. 


I even looked at the Site Map finally and couldn't find it.

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Pop-out is fixed. Comments about chat are noted and relayed to the team. 

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