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Mount Hutt snowboard instruction...

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So... hopefully this is the right place to ask this :)


I've been in Canada for four years or so and want to head to NZ (Mt Hutt) and learn to be a snowboard instructor!


I just wondered if anybody had done that already and what your opinion was? As an Aussie I can take the course through CPIT as a domestic student... so it's not too expensive.


Is it a waste of cash, should I just sit the exams? 


Am I crazy!?

Thanks heaps :)

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Naw, you ain't crazy.  You'll have a better chance at a job than Americans down there.


I think the entire snowboard team for Coronet Peak works at Winter Park.  Some of them did the training course down there to get started in snowboard instruction.  Many are Kiwi's, Aussie's, and Brits.  I can't remember who I know at Mt Hutt.


I'd contact Tony Macri at Copper Mountain - he's American but he's high ranking in the New Zealand system.  He'll know who you need to talk to at Mt Hutt..  He's not at Coronet but another NZ ski area.


Ritchie Webb - he goes by Dickie Webb these days.  He's in Scotland right now but he'll be back at Coronet in July.  He's a Kiwi.


They did recently realign the levels there so that they are more in line with AASI and CASI.  The NZ system is a bit tougher and uses a different lingo than AASI and CASI.

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Not a lot of instructors here. So the odds are low of finding a pro who've gone to Mt. Hutt. This sounds like a generic "learn to be an instructor program" as opposed to the usual "come join our staff" learn to be an instructor program.


I've heard good things from yanks who've worked in NZ as snowboard pros describing what an awesome experience it is. 


Personally, I would not recommend spending a lot of money to learn how to teach. First off, the pay is lousy. Second, almost any resort anywhere can get you started for minimal up front $$$ (e.g. 100 for training and 100 for uniform deposit). After that they train you for free. On the other hand, these kinds of programs typically are taught by higher level teachers and you get much more training than what you'd get in a typical "come join our staff" program. Also, if you work real hard, it is possible to make a living doing this. This kind of start could lead to the only job you'll ever love.

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If you are prepared to go elsewhere you could try these guys. Wanaka is a much more interesting town to stay in than Methevn, and Treble Cone ski area has a lot to offer. Courses are expensive , but price is all inclusive of accomodation and transport. Note, transport is an issue in NZ because there is always daily travel involved, all towns are below the snowline, even in middle of winter.


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