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Helmet Recommendation???

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Hey everyone-  I haven't seen a prior post on this, so if there is one I apologize in advance.


I am in the market for a new helmet.  My two main requirements are: vent controls and low profile (no bobble head) .  I have been eying up the following helmets:

  • Smith Vantage
  • Smith Variant (w/ and w/o brim)
  • Giro G10
  • Giro Seam


Does anyone have first hand experience or recommendations on any of these? 



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I have the Seam and love it.  Comfy, nicely adjustable, very light, and warm.

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The Giro Omen is better than the G10. While the G10 is more comfortable than the Omen (more padding), it's vents 1) only have one control, and 2) are deeply recessed into the helmet. What the recessed vents do is collect snow (when it's snowing obviously), then when you open them for some ventilation, pour cold water on your head, resulting in instant brain freeze. REALLY uncomfortable.


The Omen's vents are much more flush with the helmet, and you can brush the snow off with your palm then open them.


When the temps are in the mid-20's to low thirty's often I need to open the vents at the bottom of the hill, and learned this lesson the hard way.


BTW, the Giro Fuse is even worse for this situation (even deeper vents in the shell), so be advised.


Oh, also, when you mentioned brim, remember that you have to pull the goggles over the brim - on some helmets it's barely doable.

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We've liked the Seam -- it's a great fit, and the venting is good.  Keeping goggles on when you've pushed them up on your forehead is a trick because of the brim.  You have to get the friction right.  I can do it, but my wife occasionally dangles her goggles behind, sort of like a pony tail.  She's getting better at it, though.  Great helmet.  Not cheap.  

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The Vantage and Variant (also Holt and Lieutenant and other boarder and youthful models)  outer shell is of a new "hard" plastic, replacing the soft, thin bike helmet style plastic of earlier generations.

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Big fan of the Seam and Vantage, I like the Seam a little more though because i don't like to deal with the two different sets of vents on the Vantage

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Try 'em on. In my experience, giro and smith don't fit quite the same. I find giro helmets much more comfortable for my head shape.
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Originally Posted by jaobrien6 View Post

Try 'em on. In my experience, giro and smith don't fit quite the same. I find giro helmets much more comfortable for my head shape.

For mine, too.  Big, bony (don't claim brains).  But my wife is the opposite -- teensy head (=focus/brains?).  Neither of us liked Smith.  Try them all, definitely.

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I have a Smith Variant, no brim, and for me it is the most comfortable helmet I've tried.  But, I don't find Giro bike helmets comfortable either so I'm sure it had to do with the shape of my head which is sort of oval.  You might also want to look at R.E.D., POC and Rudy Project if some place near you sells them.  If someone around here sold Rudy Project that is probably what I would wear for skiing because I really like my Rudy Project cycling helmet.

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Giro Omen for the last 3 seasons. Very warm, comfortable, good vents and adjustable for different heads.  You really have to try a helmet on and see if it fits.

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I purchased the G10 last year and I'm prety pleased with it. Easy to open & close vents, and very easy to tighten/ loosen internal adjustments even when wearing a glove. As other said try on several until you find one that fits good. For me the G10 fit perfect; no wobble no sore spots and I forget I'm wearing it.


The issue of the google flopping in the back of the helmet when not wearing is a minor problem but other han that both my Smith and Bolle googles fit very well when in use.


Someone also mentioned the deep air flow vents filling up with snow. I can see where this could be a problem, but I have only used the G10 during light snow with the vents open and I didn't notice any more moisture from melted snow than a good sweat after long bump trails.



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FREEgone, brand newbie here, registered just to post this (been lurking for a while) - anyway, I just pulled the trigger on a new lid today and it was a good deal, so thought you might want to know.


**No affiliation of any sort**  I'd never heard of these guys but they have decent reviews, etc, etc...


An outfit called xsportsprotectivegear.com has the Giro G10 in all three sizes for $109 - then on their homepage, they show a coupon for $20 off any order over $100 through Feb 28.  Free shipping too.  Anyway, that lid for $89 is a pretty good deal.


I have an oval head, so the G10 fits me better than the Omen, which I find is more round - but YMMV...



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I have a Vantage. I have a big oval head and it fits. I like the venting and the slightly low profile so I don't look like the giant version of the Great Gazoo.

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I'm so in love with my Vantage right now. It's been comfortable and unobtrusive in all conditions. Damn GOOD looking helmet too.

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easy answer is whatever fits you correctly.


Wear helmet for as long as you can before making decision. A quick try-on may not make hot spots or uncomfortable fit known. Giro, Smith, bern, POC and others all fit differently.


Take goggles and your jacket with you to try on. - Jacket matters as some helmets are cut differently in the back, some will interfere when you turn your head (up/down/side2side)


I would also take a balaclava to make sure it fits OK under helmet.


Vents- make sure you have enough; don't bother with a helmet that doesn't have lever openings.


Fit is 100% - snug, doesn't shake loose.

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I know that when I've tried helmets on before (both bicycle & SA), different brands fit very differently. I have found that Giro bike helmets fit me well, so I stuck with Giro for my ski helmet. I found the G10 (small only) on http://www.geartrade.com/ for only $70 which made my choice easy. I've been happy with the helmet, it fits well & is warm. I can see how snow could build up in the vents, but I haven't had it out when it was snowing heavily, so I haven't had any issues with that. The visor is removable, so the helmet has 3 threaded inserts which show, but it is otherwise identical to the regular G10.

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Thanks for great the feedback and input.  I would love to try them all on but retailers in my area don’t have the selection.  I have been able to try on the Variant and G10, but as I did some research the Vantage and Seam had better reviews.  So I was looking for some first hand experience on how they compare:

  • How does the Variant compare to the Vantage? From what I have seen, the Variant vent controls are flimsy, is the Vantage sturdier?
  • How does the G10 compare to the Seam (some of you already hit on this)? The G10 gave me the bobble head effect, is the Seam more low profile?
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I've had the G10 for a year now and have really liked it. It's comfortable and lightweight. Haven't skied in snowing conditions, so I wouldn't know about the issues mentioned above. It fits my gargantuan melon to a t.

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