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All I can say is do it. 


I had some terrible boot issues, the shell was too large - my arches were always in pain. I couldn't make it all day in the boots- not even 2 hours. 

I gave Cantman a PM, and he invited me to call him on the phone to describe my boot fit issues.  


I called, and he asked how I skied, what issues I had, and to describe my foot. Over the phone he told me boot models I should consider in a more appropriate size. One of them was the Salomon Impact Series, I jumped on the first chance I got to buy the impact 10's. Lets just say they fit amazingly. a 1.5 finger shell fit, no hotspots and my feet feel amazing in them.


He's certainly a great guy, who's willing to help and his knowledge is endless when it comes to boots and the human foot. 


The next time I need new boots (hopefully not for a while) He's the person I'm going to visit. 


- Thank you.