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Nordica Supercharger Blowers ..........major shin problems

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Here´s the story;


I bought a pair of Nordica Supercharger Blowers at the end of last season. Skied on them about 6 times with some shin pain and bruising. Otherwise they are the most comfortable boots I´ve ever owned.


This month went to the Italian alps. The place was so great skied hard throughout the first day and at days end my shins were ripped open. I mean like a vertical blister, but worse. I put a pair of neoprene  elbow braces over the injured areas for the rest of the week, but I need a solution. The boots liner is a sort of furry soft material. Very comfy on all parts of the foot, but obviously not the shin. 


Does anyone know if the tongue can be replaced without replacing the whole liner?  I have sent a message to Nordica, but who knows when they´ll get back to me, if ever. I feel that they should rectify this, and hope they do the right thing, just thought I´d see what someone here might have to say.   


Any ideas will be most appreciated.



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usually any rubbing is a result of something too big.   can you shell fit the boots for us please?


also, you are just wearing one sock inside?   no thermas? jewlery etc?


does this start right at boot top and just do down?  how far?


Try the powerstrap around the liner only?


better with the buckles tighter or looser?

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 I agree with mtlion entirely but will add---blistering is usually produced by a shearing action on the ski---possibly the shin is sliding up and down on the tongue.  The idea of tightening(very tight please) the power strap around the liner only (inside the shell pieces) will pull the tongue and your leg back into the shell and eliminate any adverse movement inside the liner. Also please make sure the boot is the correct size by doing the shell fit as described in the WIKI at the beginning of this section of the forum.



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Thanks for your tips. I figured there has to be some movement otherwise the skin wouldn´t tear, but I already tighten the power strap pretty tight (probably could go a little tighter, but not much). I´ll try next time to go as tight as possible. The boots are definitely my size. I spent a lot of time sizing them. So far I´ve been able to crank them quite tight with no circulation problems at all. I will go even tighten all around and see how that works.  I still suspect it to be the furry liner material as opposed to a smooth material. In any case it is a major drag as all other aspects of the boots are fantastic; performance, warmth, comfort at the foot. I´ll try your suggestions, but probably will use the neoprene pads over my shins until they heal.


Thanks again.

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power strap around just the LINER,  so between the liner and the shell.

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Right, got it. Will be trying that next time out.  Thanks.

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