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The sexy truth of skiing

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Living in the Touch Corner:


(Thanks to Kurt Fehrenbach for sending me this.)

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I was just writing about this last week.... rather more obliquely.

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Well, well.  That explains a whole lot.  Noone told me skiing was better than sex; I thought I made that up myself until some friends cautiously agreed.


I think I'll start really babying my poor beat-up feet; it can't do anything but help, right?

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This is one of everyone's favorite comparisons. I was skiing with someone who made the claim on a great powder day. He said: "I don't jump up and yodel and hoot and shout and  laugh after good sex, but I do after a good run on KT. That proves it!"


Rebuttal?? Anyone jumping up after?? Advice for the less inspired?? Getting the feet more involved?? My life did improve with custom foot beds!

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I sing when I'm skiing, which is not true for sex.  And I do hop around a lot (literally) at the lift if there's any kind of a line. 


Kavluri, maybe try singing; it makes my skiing feel more rhythmic.  I'll go with anything from Wild Thing (Hendrix) or Can't You Hear Me Knocking (Stones) to a mournful Balkan folk melody (I can't speak Romanian), depending on the terrain and the weather.  I also notice more foot-feedback with my feet in the right boots.  I'll let you know whether working on my callouses changes anything.


I think I'm going to change my tag line to "No matter what they say I've done, I ain't never had too much fun."

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I read this article last week.  I think it's a bunch of bull.  Seriously, with your feet imprisoned in a half inch of hard plastic and well over an inch of hard plastic on the bottoms of your feet, you're not stimulating anything, let alone sexy-time nerves or Meissners corpuscles are whatever they're called. Well, you might be stimulating the nerves that relay pain or discomfort due to pressure to the brain..but that's about it. All the comparisons in the article are to rubbing, caressing and stroking the bottoms of the feet. Yeah sure, it's feels freakin' awesome to get a foot rub, even sexual.  But, excuse me, if your feet are getting caressed and rubbed while you're skiing...then you're not doing it right. Not only are you putting a great deal of psi on your feet while skiing, they're not getting caressed...unless your boots are way, way too big and you're sliding around inside of them. And no, vibrations are not the same as caressing. It's just a ridiculous assertion and the article is meant to do nothing more than romanticize skiing by claiming it's scientifically proven to be sexy.  Gimme a farkin' break.  The Mountain Gazette is a fun paper to read, but some of their articles are just lame, over-indulgent, over-romanticized crap. You wanna see sexy?  Watch me take out a group of snowboarders with my ski pole.

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OK, some of us ski because the act itself is pleasurable, and others, apparently, at least partly as an opportunity to wreak havoc on snowboarders.  As a ski-hedonist (trust me, the rest of my life is anything but hedonistic), I don't care why I think skiing is right up there with sex but the foot theory is fun.


Of course, this silly little thread could become a Spartan-versus-hedonist platform, in which case I'll just go rub some more lotion into my feet.  But  thanks for the article, Weems!

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I never have sex without my ski boots on.  


And my goggles.

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so if someone likes bump skiing, do you think she likes it rough?


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Originally Posted by BushwackerinPA View Post

so if someone likes bump skiing, do you think she likes it rough?


Why limit it to a she ?

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Originally Posted by BushwackerinPA View Post

so if someone likes bump skiing, do you think she likes it rough?


I don't know, but judging by your screen name, I'm guessing you don't like current feminine grooming standards.

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So if she flies down steeps, she likes to get it over with fast?  I don't think so, buckaroo.

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