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I need help, I have 4 pairs of boots and none fit!!

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Ok, here's my story, I have been on a 3 year journey for the perfect boots, still not there so I have questions, first some background.

-I live near Toronto, ON
-I am a level 2 CSIA ski instructor working on my level 3 (on my level 3 course, both conductors pointed out boot issues to me separately without talking to each other, I am serious about skiing and teaching and achieving higher level of performance)
-I wear size 8.5US running shoes, I am 5'10 and 200lbs (I could lose a few lbs but would never be less than 190)

I have had:
-2006 Lange Comp FR I believe they are called in 26.5, WAY tight on me but the forward lean on this boot was great, I just can't do more than 5 runs without dying
-2009 Head Raptor LTD in 26.5, I swim in these boots, way too big
-2011 Nordica Dobermann Spitfire 120 in 26, I am unable to bend these, seems the forward lean isn't right for me, I had a shop "soften them" by cutting the shell where the dotted lines were and remiving the top bolt at the back which still didn't help, feel too big
-2011 Nordica Enforcers in 26, better than the Dobbermann's due to easier to flex, but still not enough forward lean, feel too big
-on all these boots, I need to crank them down to get response but then I lose circulation in my feet which is no good
-no one has ever "aligned" me, or bothered to look at that
-I have the race conformable footbed, which isn't the best, but works since. Have a pretty flat foot so the process of standing on it t form it worked, when I had Kork's made the suspended process not so good for me.

-last year I skied a Head Chip 71, this year the Nordica Dobbermann Spitfire Pro EDT, I love fast groomers in "advanced parallel" type turns but need to be able to tackle short radius and bumps as well as be able to wear the boot all day.

I work with a local shop and I get Nordica at a great deal, but as I have learnt, good deal and "high end" boot doesn't mean it fits. I have acces to Head, Nordica, Salmon, Atomic.

I am pretty sure I would be ok in Nordica's size 25, they fit in the store but my boot fitter thinks I'm nuts and it would be way too tight. Not to mention no forward lean adjustment, in the cuff anyway.

We apparently have some good local fitters (Toronto, Collingwood) but I would like to go to the BEST so that I can finally stop worrying about the boots smile.gif I am so sick of having issues that my wife who also needs new boots and I are thinking of making the 7.5hr drive to Killington so we could go to Surefoot and get custom boots, I figure what better fit than an injected liner, but i Am scared that I will be disappointed in that process. I would hate to spend $1500 on boots and not have good results.

Should I just bite the bullet and go to Surefoot? Should I work with a local? Is there a local or someone in the 7-8hrs drive away that is really good and would be worth the drive?

Thanks in advance for the advice and sorry for the long winded post, at the ski hill I'm known as the "boot whore" hope that's an ok word for here, I would like to be known for my skiing rather than the amount of boots I have, lol

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dump the boots that feel too big,


get the boots that are too stiff softened more.  (they are not working now, so try to get them softer, and if that fails, then they still dont work)


try other liners in the langes (that liner is short stitched)

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Ok, thanks for the advice above, last night I was out with for our ski school for our "session" which is the best part of the week where WE get to work on our skiing and I had an "ah ha" (light bulb went on) moment with regards to how I stand on my skis which greatly affected my "forward lean" issue. Also, I sold my Nordica Spitfire Pro EDT skis yesterday morning since someone was interested and I needed to sell them by end of season anyways so they are gone. I skied on the Salomon Xwing Tornado Ti PL last night (http://www.salomon.com/us/product/xw-tornado-ti-pl---z12.html) WHAT a difference, in my opinion it is much better then the Spitfire Pro even in advanced parallel turns which is surprising to me.


Anyway, here is where I'm at now with regards to boots (I added links on the names so you can see which boot I'm talking about specifically):


-I shell fitted the Head Raptor LTD's, Langes, Enforcers and Dobbermann 120's and they are all pretty similar. With my big toe just touching the front of the boot, the inside and outside of my foot touch the shell and I have maybe 3/8th of an inch between my heel and the back of the shell. I think if I went to a size 25 the 10mm smaller shell would be too small. The Head's are bigger then the Nordica's and Lange.

-Lange liners are WAY too tight as mentioned above, even just putting the liner on by itself is really tight. When I put the Nordica liner in the shell it's fine, it doesn't fit great but it's fine

-Nordica Enforcers were on "loan" from the shop and with them being pretty equal to the Dobbermann's that I own, I'm going to take those out of the equasion.

-Dobbermann 120's, the shell seems to fit good, and it fits good with the stock liner around my leg however but there is a LOT of room above my foot which is why I normally crank them down. They are certainly not "snug" without the buckles done up


Also had a guy look at my foot bed and told me it was "crap" I'm posting pictures below.


So what I'm thinking is using the Dobbermann's instead of the Lange's because even if I got them 3 years ago they are 2006 models. The  I feel the 2011 Dobbermann's might be a better place to start especially now after they have been softened. What I want to do is get a custom liner that will be snug to my foot and maybe new footbeds. Do you guys think this would help and is a logical thing to do? I want a good performing boot that is SNUG to my foot all around.


Pics of footbeds:





Richmond Hill-20110216-00030.jpg







What do you think?

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Try to measure the widest part of your foot with a ruler on the mm side.Post results.


Try moving liners from shell to shell, could be a combo in there somewhere.


Add a heel lift to the Spitfires, this will help 2 ways, more foward lean and better cuff pressure to flex boots.


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I posted a reply with pictures and a long description of what I did so far and it said a moderator needed to review.....so that will answer some questions.


I will find a ruler and measure my foot this afternoon.

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sorted, it is the spam catcher for the site it picks on some new posters if you have brand links in your post (well thats about as much as i know), all should show now, apologies for the interuption in normal service

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Thank you CEM, that's what I thought and wasn't sure how to get it out of quarantine, appreciate it!


This is what my foot looks like, hopefully the measurements come through on the picture. I ensured that I was tracing my foot properly and then double checked everything twice so this is pretty accurate.




Does this help??

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just to be clear with no innuendo or sarcasm, your story is ridiculous.


i cannot tell from where i am sitting if you are getting jerked around or are jerking yourself around. either way if you came into my business with your story, the first thing i would do as a bootfitter would be to take a 2x4 and whack you as hard as i could on the side of your head. the purpose of the whack would be like hitting the reset  button.


you currently have in your possession 4 pair of perfectly good boots that will work. the money you are wasting trying to purchase the perfect fit could have been sent to 3rd world countries to feed starving children. i cannot tell from your post if you struggle with new math, but in an effort to help you out, check this out. 2 pair of custom boots for you and your wife from surefoot will cost you $3,000 usd. that includes the boot, new footbed, injected liner, canting and plating of the bootsole. that does not include travel expenses for gas or the overnight stay in a hotel of your choice. i am also not including the time and money for follow-up visits that are part of the guarantee, however the guarantee does not include travel expenses from toronto to killington. all boots require refit at some time or other, and foam injected boots are not exempt. if you can find a fitter that can solve your fit and performance issues using the boots that you and your wife are currently using, i will generously estimate that for fit work and alignment for 2 it will cost approximately $500.00 usd. if it was me, i would start thinking about what else you could with all that money.


the "guy" that looked at your footbed and designated it as "crap" is more than likely trying to take some of that good money you have burning a hole in your pocket away from the starving children and pad his shops bottom line. if those footbeds match the plantar surface of your foot, cup your heel neutrally oriented to your heel cord, and have your 1st met, 5th met, and heel bone contacting the earth equally, there is nothing wrong with the footbed.


in most cases on this forum, problems are only solved by going into a qualified bootfitter. that is the same advice that you need to follow. how you find one and where that fitter is located, or how you solve the time/value equation for justifying travel or paying the going rate for good work, is the problem you need to solve.



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Jim, I get what you're saying, and maybe I just haven't been to the right place yet, I'm just sick and tired of trying a new shop and listening to their "experts" and coming out with something that doesn't work. I go back in and I get the run around or they tell me it's the foot bed etc. so as a result I never walk into the place again due to their incompetence. I do not want this to happen again which is why I am posting and am hoping to get some advice. I of course hate spending $200-$300 on new boots every year, I rather have something that fits and spend the $$ on a ski trip for skiing rather than boot fitting :) !!


My boots feel really big on the instep, the shell is the right size so I think likely a new liner would help or foot board modifications etc. but there really aren't places that I know of around here that sell custom liners, one place has the Conformable injectable liners but he said he only has a 23 and 24 and wasn't sure if the injection solution was expired or not. I can't find local folks who have Zip Fit or Intuition etc. When I go into a store with a pro boot fitter they just try and sell you a new boot and foot bed.


I want a solution that will last me a solid season or 2, you are right about the foot bed, I know he's trying to make more $$ but if he tells me it will help my situation what do I do? You almost have to trust them even though you pretty much know they are BS. I've had this foot bed for a year and a half now so I've done good with telling them NO.


I thought Surefoot "could" be the answer since it's for the most part all custom so I figured maybe all these problems would go away.


I was with some folks last night and they referred me to see Cam at Sporting Life in Collingwood (for the local folks)I called him and had a good discussion, he thinks I'm crazy to want to go to Surefoot and said he can work with me. He did say this isn't a good time of year since there aren't many boots left in inventory............(I thought here we go again with them trying to sell me new boots) but he said just in case mine aren't right. I am going there next Thursday. They will look at my current boots and we'll go from there.


I will post my results.


Bottom line, I want to pay whatever it is I need to so that I can get a good fitting boot, the less it costs the better of course :)



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