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Where to Demo at Mount Snow?

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I have family going to Mount Snow this weekend and they would like to demo/buy new skis.  Any advice on a good shop?

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It's been a while, but I seem to remember World Class being a good shop. Their prices are a lot better than on the hill.


I guess it depends if you want Atomics or not... Rentals.htm

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Thanks for the reply Sooneron
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In the event anyone else is looking for similar info, Equipe Sports, at the base of the access road, leading up to the mountain has a good selection of gear and higher end skis available for either demo or sale.  Ask for Seth, not pushy and very knowledgeable.  The shop at the mountain in The Grand Summit Hotel has decent gear, is a bit more expensive but, IMO, lacks knowledgeable staff.  Nick Blaylock and staff at Mount Snow Bootworks are the ONLY one's to visit for new boots and any boot fitting needs.  


As for the mountain itself, good place to learn, decent instructors, but it lacks challenging terrain.  If you have a family and are looking for more challenging terrain, I'd suggest driving a little farther to Okemo.  IMO, higher end, quality lodging options were limited at Mount Snow, but if you are set on Mount Snow, The Grand Summit Hotel is ski in/out has a great spa, pool, and health club.  The rooms are a bit "dorm-like" and a bit disappointing.

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I'm a little confused by your "challenging terrain" quip. MT Snow is widely considered to have better terrain than Okemo or Stratton. I have never heard the opposite. Thanks for the heads up on the lodge, tho. I have always done ski houses up there.

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and you're welcome!smile.gif

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Just my take but you got me curious, so I did a quick comparison.  Check out the following link:


I just found Okemo to have a larger selection of more challenging terrain, but more importantly for my situation, more appealing as a family destination on the whole.  But you know what they say about opinions smile.gif................ And let's face it, neither Mount Snow or Okemo are going to be a top 5 choice for challenging terrain in the NE.

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Tru dat

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