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  So this is my 1st and a half year skiing (last year I kinda sucked and was just doing easy groomers).




  I have been working very hard and going up to Alta whenever I get the chance, I have actually gone about 40 times this year (I have a pass). First of the year I was trying to get it figured out and I could only ski groomers. I eventually figured out how to ski decently off groomed runs and in powder and stuff. I like doing more freeride skiing and doing hits and cliffs and such. I am not GOOD but I have gotten to the point I can hit 10 footers if there is a good soft landing and a smooth run-out. I have been trying to do like little grabs and stuff off of jumps instead of just freezing solid in the air. I also tried a 180 about a month ago. I thought for sure I wasn't going to land it but I pulled it off. The thing is, the jump was a step up that wasn't going to huck me 8 feet into the air but high enough to get around. The landing was good and the runout was flat so I wouldn't take off switch. Now the same jump has no lip and you can't get any air on it. I have only done 3 180's because I can't find a jump with good enough run-out.


Our place doesn't have a park so it is just natural jumps or man made here and there. I am just wondering if I should just move up to 360's because this is sorta annoying that I can't find a good jump to practice these things on. I wish I was more comfortable at skiing backwards so I could 180 on a lot of jumps. Any suggestions for skiing out switch out of jumps? Should I just practice on easy groomers? I get intimidated even at the slowest speeds backwards.




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Definitely get better at skiing switch, especially if you don't have the groomed landings of a park. Also, start trying pop 180s (jumping off the ground), you don't need a jump to do a 180, and the more small 180s you have done, the more confident you will be on bigger ones. A good way to progress into pop 180s is to turn part way up the hill first, then pop and spin, so you only spin 90 degrees to begin with.


The most important things for skiing switch are looking over your outside shoulder (look early in the turn, if you can't see, it ain't good) and keeping your weight centred (don't lever the front of the boot, a bit of weight on your calfs is good). Start on really easy slopes so you don't get nervous and switch snowplough.

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