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Spring skiing at Sugarbush

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I am planning a trip to SB the last weekend in March. What should I expect to be open? Even more important, what double blacks will be open?

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Trying to predict what's going to be open in the Northeast six weeks in advance is insane.  Why try booking something that far in advance?  By Late March, the resorts will be looking for people to come and will be offering deals.  Worst case, Montpelier and Burlington are both pretty close and offer various lodging opportunities.

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I've been to Sugarbush the last Sunday of March the past 2 years. I have been lucky in that nearly every trail has been open, though a few had a lot of brown surrounding the what was left of the snow. You never know though. It could be great, or mud. I hope it works out for your trip.

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If Mt. Ellen is still open no worries.

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As has been mentioned already, predicting conditions is nearly impossible this far out. We could be almost bare and clinging to snow, or we could be hip deep in fresh snow. You never know. On average, you're going to be fairly safe with maintained trails having decent cover. In the trees, and natural trails (like everything on Castlerock), will likely be fairly rough, if open at all. But March is an epic time to ski in Vermont. The weather is awesome, the atmosphere is festive, and the snow is soft.


As for the previous comment about going to Montpelier or Burlington... Burlington is great, and if you want to check it out, I can recommend a slew of things to do. However, I wouldn't exactly call Montpelier a hot spot of activity. It's our state capital and all, but nothing compared to Burlington.

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Ripcord, (upper) Organgrinder and Stein's are usually open well into April.  I'm pretty sure I skied those three trails the first weekend in May the winter before last. 


Worst comes to worst, drive less than an hour down Rte. 100 to Killington (or up to Stowe) if conditions are better at one of those mountains.



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 Last year was the worst late snow year I've seen in 15 years of working at Sugarbush. We got less snow in March then we did in May. And yet the mountain was near 100% open through the first weekend in April. Will we have a better late season this year? Who knows. But being so close to Mad River Glen management is pretty aggressive about opening terrain.


Generally its lower mountain natural snow trails that go first, followed by Mount Ellen shut down (by fiat not loss of snow), Castle rock or Paradise, then who knows. I've skied Ripchord/upper Organgrinder every April and Steins the last few Mays.



Just remember when it comes to spring skiing, they're all rock skis.   

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