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Twin tips and Fat Skis

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I was wondering it you can get fairly fat skis that are also good for park. Do they even work together. I was looking at some Armadas but you can't get a good park ski with the ski being fairly wide. I have a nice pair of All mountain ski but they don't handle the greatest in 12 inches of powder, and they are not twin tipped. I would just like to know some good fat twin tipped skis. Would Volkl Mantra's be good?

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How wide are you looking for? Park ski's aren't meant to be wide. Mantra would be horrible in the park.


If you want something that can do it all fairly well look at something like the Line Blend, or the ON3P Jeronimo

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Lots o' People use the various Seth incarnations in the park.

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Powder ski's usually cost lots of money.  Do you really want to trash a pair of powder skis in the park?

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Look at Dynastar Big Troubles or the same ski with a women's topsheet - $200 with PX12s 

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The Rossignol S5 is advertised as a "50% park, 50% powder" ski. The S5 has a plain-vanilla standard camber and dimensions of 129-98-121. The waist drops to 94 mm in the 171 length. Sales of the 2011 model haven't been that great, probably due to that lack of the high-fashion "rocker" profile. You should be able to pick up a pair on a good sale. Reviews for the S5 Barras (2009-2010 model) were mostly favourable, but not much is being said about the 2011 model. I would say the S5 is a victim of the rocker craze. Still a good ski, if you can live without the rocker technology.

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