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My 2nd pair of Tecnica TNT's have disintegrated.I am now bootless.


Size 10w nl foot, advanced skier, have usually been able to leave boots buckled even thru lunch.


My girlfriend, a beginner has extremely high arches,

and is not enjoying the sport, pressure on the top of her foot leads to numbness.

So she needs boots, rentals not working.


Around the last full wk of Jan 2012, the FSC Florida Ski Counsel will bring about 400 skiers to Steamboat.for a full week.

Makes for nice parties.


Of course the time to buy, fit, and adjust ski boots is when skiing.


There is always Surefoot, they supplied the Tecnicas.


Bazzer tells me I would be much better off with a Boot-fitter,

but none are listed @ Steamboat on Epic.


Will not have a car, so limited to Steamboat.




No rush, I only check Epic sporadically,