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Bad bad pain!

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I've skied in pain for so long and I've gone through loads of boots! Just had a new pair of Salomon custom fits and they seem to be giving me exactly the same problems. I've always had boots fitted properly -takes forever! I have a custom fit footbed. I've skiied with it in, out, no footbed, every which way....I ski with clips either undone or on the loosest settings.

 I would just like to know what is causing the problem- I have an extremely high arch and after about an hour my toes go cold and in the afternoons I get pains in my toes like someone is pushing a squewer through them. The pains can continue after I take the boots off at the end of the day too. Is it blood supply, if so which artery, is it a squashed nerve, is it too much pressure on the arch????? Perhaps if I knew what it was I could ignore it better....

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I am going to generalize a little because there are always exceptions.


In most cases foot pain in ski boots is caused by pressure points. You say you have a high instep, so that could be causing part of your problem but may not be the only issue.  If your custom footbed was made properly that shouldn't be the problem. If you have a custom footbed that 'was not' made properly that could be another issue and can certainly create pain and fitting issues.


You mentioned that you have always had your boots custom fit, did the custom fitting take care of your fitting issues or were you still in pain? Was the recent Salomon ski boot custom fit or did you just have the liners heated? Did you work with a true custom ski boot fitter or was it a sales person?


By the sounds of it you are one of those people that will need custom fitting on every pair of ski boots you purchase. I have many people that I work with that off the shelf ski boots will never fit and will always need custom fitting or a true custom ski boot.


It is possible to get a good fitting ski boot but as you said can take lots of time.



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HI - Thanks for getting back to me! Wish I could bring you my troublesome feet, but I live in the UK.... My boots are the new Salomons where they heat both the outer and the inner boots and are actually comfortable except for the problems I get. I've never had custom made or foam filled boots yet (cost) but the guys try hard to fit my feet - I've skied on them today for the first time and I'll take them back for them to have another go at fitting. Last year I had a pair of Atomic Hawx which were not too bad but they leaked like crazy and because the guy had taken the foot bed out to give me more room- my feet were wet and frozen as well as hurting!

Like you say I've probably got a pair of feet that are really difficult, only bonus is they never hurt when I ski, just when I stop.


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Why not see Colin.  He is in the U.K.  It sounds to me as if the problem is caused by pressure points which leads to lack of circulation.  Apart from problems with your old boots leaking what happened when they removed the footbed?  did you problems decrease?


High arched feet are often fairly rigid and can have limited dorsiflexion.  Have you tried a heel lift?



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Hi - Thanks so much for your reply - the Atomic Hawx were better without the footbed in as I could actually get my feet in and out ok (usually a BIG struggle) and the bad pain in my toes started about mid week rather than every afternoon. I would have kept them if they hadn't leaked.The pain was not as bad as the boots before that (Rossignols). 

I'm going back to the shop that fitted my Salomons this week to see if they can take the pressure off my forefoot - I skied on Sun and had to have both forefoot clips undone, which when I go on snow will mean the seals wont be fastened. My foot apparently hardly 'spreads' at all when I flex. When I take my boots off after skiing I have red marks on the top of my foot, and they swell on the top of the forefoot during the course of the week. My feet are really thin and bony - how attractive this all sounds.

I feel like a real nuisance when I get fitted but have never found anyone who seems to understand my feet. Who is Colin - where is he in the UK - wonder if he'd like a challenge from the feet from hell!


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Hi - forgot to answer your query about a heel lift. Years ago I had a heel lift in a pait of Salomons and an arch support - dont recall having these pains then. Mind you that was when I was instructing was in my boots three or four times a week. I then had a proper moulded insole made for another pair of boots, but sometimes I cant get my foot in a boot if there is too much thickness in the insoles.


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