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Ski recommendations for 16 year old

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Hello all,


I have a 16 year old son, 6 ft 2, 165 pounds.  He's an intermediate to advanced skier who will ski any run on the mountain with me but is still trying to get better at the tougher blacks.  I bought him his 1st pair of skis - a pair of Prophet Flites for his b'day and never even got the bindings mounted because he was put off by the twin tip, the fat midsection, lack of metal in the construction and apparently wasn't in love with the graphics either.  The guys at the local ski shop, who will gladly take the unused skis & binding back, full refund, tried their best to conviince him that these are true all mountain skis and not intended for the park but at the end of the day the skis didn't float his boat.


I'm in need of recommendations on a ski for him.  He definitely needs a do-anything ski because we live in PA so the ski has to be good on our groomed hard pack, crud and heavy man-made stuff  but we take a vacation out west each year too so it needs to handle tree runs, bumps, real snow, etc.  (Not too much to ask huh?)  3 other skis that have been recommended by the local shop are the Atomic Smoke Ti, the Volkl AC20 and the Salomon X-Wing 8.  My price limit is $650 with bindings.  Any suggestions?



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Something from this year's K2 AT Rocker line up is probably your best bet, especially at that price.  I'd check out the Blizzard 8.1, awesome all mountain ski but sadly more than $650.  You may be able to find some good mid season deals at your ski shop though.

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Suggestion...Let him pick out his own skis.  You saw how the last attempt to find a pair of skis went using your own good judgement and the advice of the local ski shop.  You won't fair any better with EpicSkiers either - yes you can get good sound advice... but how far does good sound advice go with a 16 year old ?!?!?!   I've got a 16 yr old son also.  He would probably be much happier with the skis if you gave him a price limit, sent him off to pick out a pair of skis, and let him make the decision himself.  Probably won't be something you'd choose for him, but he'll probably be much happier showing off "his" new skis to his friends.


Good luck.

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just as Mountain Hardware is a good jacket but a 16 yr old wouldn't be caught dead in it, very square and dull, so certain skis may be good but have a square, dull image. It's hard to be hip when you're of the former generation, and a kid needs to be hip on the hill.

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Get a subscription to:




Get him to do some research before deciding what skis to buy.


Demo if you can.

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^^ What he said.

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