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Blue house

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Full time Ski Patrol in Idaho.


Ordered a pair of BlueHouse Tight Shoots. Was skiing on Blizzard titan Nines. Still am, but did not know i was working so hard in tight spots. The Tight Shoots rip. Easy turning in the trees, on the groomers etc. Great Ski.. waiting for more snow.. but beat my co.workers in the chinese downhill on em.. there a great ski... 

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How do you like them on hardpack? I had a chance last week to ski the Bluehouse Tight Shoots on hardpack and passed them over to try the Ski Logik Howitzer's as I thought the Shoots wouldn't work as well. I was impressed with the Howitzer's, but also was wondering if the Shoots would've held there own.

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I'd be interested to hear what Tight Shoots feel like in hardpack/crus conditions.  They look like a pretty good formula for a crud-oriented big mountain ski for the mortals, that shape should work great.  My only worry would be that they will be a stiff ski with no damping- I think nowadays it is easier to get the shape right and even get the stiffness right (with C-fiber and decent wood cores), but the dampness usually requires adding metal and some other magic glue.  But I am intrigued...popcorn.gif  

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Tight Shoots anyone? Here's a Bluehouse Maestro review which were a pleasant surprise.

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