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Steamboat Feb. 9-12

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Now that I have access to a computer I can post up some pictures.  My annual ski trip with my brother and our college friend.  Got to Steamboat late on Feb. 8 and awoke on Wed. to -17 temps.  Late start everyday due to the cold weather but with no crowds could get plenty of skiing in.  Some wonderful bluebird days.  A great trip with family and friend.  Had a great dinner at Bistro CV per Finndog's recommendation.  Hope you enjoy.


My brother getting some tracks.




My brother in the foreground with Dave in the background.



Our tracks to the the right side of the picture.  Powder 8s followed by 3 parallel tracks the next time down.


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Glad you got some pow days!  Great skiing for sure. Where were these taken?  Bistro Rocks! 


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The top one was on the pitch that drops down to the cat track run-out to Tomahawk.  The other two were out the gate just above that.

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I was there getting powder those same days.  Too bad that place is so gosh darned flat.

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yeah, when it gets tracked out, you will take whatever you can get!  Pwdrhound, what day were these?  Bring the fatties and get some low angle shots

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The first picture was from wednesday, the day after the snow quit falling.  The last two pictures were from saturday, 4 days after the last significant snowfall.  I think that the area where the last two were taken is so low angle that a lot of people were like us and were afraid it would be too deep to ski.  By saturday the snow had set up a little and was gliding well.  We just skied laps until the lift closed.

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can't beat that 4 days after snow... I'll take it....

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Heading that way on Monday night after hitting Winter Park....snow on the way!


I can't wait! Last year was good but not a lot of fresh snow. With any luck, this year should be much better.

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