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The new Ski Hill Grill on Peak 8 has nice bathrooms with ear-splitting air hand driers and floors a number of folks already have fallen on. Why anyone wants a slate-like floor for folks wearing snowy ski boots is beyond my understanding. The old Bergie was difficult to navigate when full of lunchers and only a few of the tables were near windows. The Vista Haus at the top of the Colorado chair has three levels you can enter, bathrooms on the lower two but all the food service is on the middle level. So you have to walk up or down stairs with trays of lunch to make use of the seating above or below.
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Ok, some of this stuff has been alluded to, and some is purely my thought.  (some is just background info that might be helpful since the OP said they have close to no experience with ski-related lodges).


Ski boots are a bitch to walk in, are heavy & slippery (hence the bathroom and floor traction comments); snowboard boots are easier and lighter.  Consider utility access - I worked at a pizza place at top of snowmass that required water be snowcatted in periodically and toilets (research US Forest Service enviro regs on this, as most ski areas are on land leased from the
USFS) had to be composting...  Also remember that skiers/boarders are entirely gravity driven in terms of locomotion, so don't grade the entire area outside, around the lodge, flat for hundreds of feet (this makes people hike with skis or skate to get going).  Seating in public FB areas is always totally cramped at lunch rush, so look at balancing contruct cost / footage / FB revenue...


These days almost everyone has a cell phone and good service is important - build in repeaters for the big telcos.  Also power plugs for those that need a charge.  Along those same lines, good to have seating areas for non-lunchers who just want to return calls/emails (and maybe a drink of H2O) on a fairly quick stop, so near the doors.  Seating in general should be (maybe - further comments?) higher than the norm to reduce stress on tired quadriceps muscles when standing up (less acute knee angles?).  Maybe some stand up "seating" for  those who want to eat and slide so to speak.


for nice days on deck/patio (sun orientation), built in FB service areas are great, include bar facilities (not sure about costs tho...).  If I can grab a burger on the deck, saves dealing with the crazyness inside.  Loungers/adirondack chairs scattered around the deck are always nice too.


Oh, and this may be beyond an A-school class - but can you work on food pricing?  LOL, those $10 bowls of chili kill me....

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