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Decision time!

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Having decided to buy my own skis and not risk the rental ones anymore I have spent hours and hours researching - both on the net and in the shops (albeit not many shops close to me!).


I had narrowed down my selection to Head Everyone, Volkl Attiva Sol, Dynastar Idyll and Fischer Koa 78...... I am struggling to find some of these in the shops and would prefer to see them before buying.  Today the sales guy recommended Salomon Select Touch - which were really nice and cool graphics!!  Have checked the net for reviews - they are highly rated but only talk about being a piste ski.


My ski style is advanced intermediate with a decent technique, I like to carve and do short turns, but also enjoy a long curve down a wide slope would like an all round ski that is progressive.  My preference is a 149 to 151 cm ski with a narrow (70 something) waist.


Is anybody able to share their experiences and offer some advice?  I'd like to feel confident parting with my cash on a pair of skis that will last me a good few years and allow me to improve.


btw - I'm female and would prefer a woman specific ski (and some that are not too heavy - so have ruled out K2s - heavy even without the bindings!!)


Any comments / tips appreciated



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If you are worried about only getting a piste ski then why are looking for a ski with a 70mm waist? Forget that volkl and Salomon.


If you want a versatile ski you probably need something starting at 78 like the Idyll. There are a number of skis in the 78-85 waist with various orientations. If you mentioned what kind of terrain you ski, height and weight, what you have skied on, then you will get some better feedback.


Beyond that, any of those skis will be way better than a rental. Also consider Rossi S80W and Salomon Lady.

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Originally Posted by aschick View Post

If you are worried about only getting a piste ski then why are looking for a ski with a 70mm waist?


Because she skis in Levi, Finland and "piste ski" means "groomer ski" in non-US usage?

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Kastle LX72 biggrin.gif

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Originally Posted by comprex View Post

Originally Posted by aschick View Post

If you are worried about only getting a piste ski then why are looking for a ski with a 70mm waist?


Because she skis in Levi, Finland and "piste ski" means "groomer ski" in non-US usage?


I got that - but she was worried that the ski she was recommended, as opposed to most of the ones she first mentioned, was a groomer ski - so I said, shouldn't you be looking at a wider ski.

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Thanks for the feedback.... I'm adding the extra info so as suggested, I may get more feedback..  To confirm though, when i put "My preference is a 149 to 151 cm ski with a narrow (70 something) waist." I meant as in 70 through to 79mm.


Comprex - I'm impressed - you know I ski in Levi!  In fact I've only ever skied Levi x 4 weeks, Italy x 2 weeks and an indoor ski slope xapprox. 30/40 hours!


I'll research the Kastle LX72 too - thanks - not noticed that make in the UK shops/web pages though.  Think the Salomon Lady are in the local store so will check them out too....


Most of the terrain has been well groomed but often powder too - I do like to venture in and out of the trees over small moguls!  My experience is Italy has been hard packed snow so I'd like a ski to have a good side grip.


I am 188 cm tall and weigh 54kg.  To date I have only skied rentals, HEAD (not sure which - these are the rentals at the indoor snow dome), Volkl P60, Fischer Breeze... a few in the earlier years but I don't recall the makes/models.


One more question..... how important is it to demo before buying and would you buy over the net (giving boot size details etc) - just the local choices are very limited!



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I am 188 cm tall and weigh 54kg.   



I hope this is a typo...

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Originally Posted by Skise View Post

I hope this is a typo...

lol - oops! conversion didn't work - I'm 163 cm (5ft 4 inches) - but do weigh 54kg


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After more research..... Salomon Lady gets good reviews and graphics are lovely starts at 153cm, a tad longer than I was after.... think I'll sort a demo.  Would be good to demo the Rossi too - not skied with a 80mm waist before so will be interesting to see the difference.  Only problem is in the UK - demo means a short indoor slope!



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It's probably best to demo a few skis and then purchase them online to get the best price.  I say that, but I bought my skis without demoing.  But REI will take returns if you are unhappy--even if the skis are used.  That made me not worry too much about it.


Good luck finding your skis!

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Anyone skied the Volkl Kenja - this has an 86 waist......[129-86-105] ?


Checked out REI - it's US though so P&P would be too pricey :-(

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Not to take away from Epic, but on Epic's sister site, SkiDiva, there have been a few recent discussions re: the Kenja (half of them started by me, lol). 


I have the Kenja, skied my second day on them today, love them.  Did not do a demo (my shop didn't have it available as a demo) but did demo the Head Great One, Volkl Luna and the Rossi S80W.  For the most part I liked all of them but really liked the S80W, except seeing as I ski in Montana I wanted something a bit wider.  


Actually, there's a discussion going on now on the Kenja and how some feel it's too chattery in icier conditions.  I primarily ski small amounts of powder and groomed runs, mostly corduroy, very rarely icy hardpack, and the Kenja is phenomenal in the conditions I ski it in.  


I'm 155 cm and 43.5 kg and ski the Kenja in the 156.  Was initially concerned about the extra length and width but I find the ski is very easy to put on edge and carve, and the extra length isn't bothering me at all (I do have my bindings mounted one notch forward).  I demoed the three other skis all in the low to mid-150s.  I do ski the Kenjas a bit long, but at your height and weight I would honestly be looking in the 150s, not high 140s/low 150s for length.  


I would try to demo if you can.  The skis I demoed all had very different feels and I could definitely tell which ones I liked more (of course shame on me for not demoing the Kenja!).  For the ski conditions you describe, I would definitely look in the upper 70s waist, and I think a mid-80s would be more than fine too.  So Head Great Ones (76 underfoot), Kenjas (86), Volkl Tierra (78) or Sol (75), Rossi Attraxion 8 or Echo 8 (75), Rossi S80W and S86W, Salomon Lady (85).  


Hope this helps! 

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Do you have good, well fitting boots?  If not, get them first before the skis.

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Hi, you asked about buying on-line.  Of course there are many good shops online, but I have noticed a number of friends who buy on-line, sending their boot measurement to the company for fitting, and then never have the actual ski "release tested" with their actual boot.  In my opinion this is a big mistake.  Safety first... If you buy online plan to pay someone $20-$35 to release test the boot/binding after you receive the ski. 

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Thanks BrownEyedGirl......I'm feeling much more confident in my shortlist now - most of those you have mentioned are on thank-you for the tips.  I'm going to arrange a demo on the Kenja - think the Attiva Sol are also in the same shop.... which is next to the indoor very handy!  I'll also check out the other forum you mentioned.... smile.gif

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Posaune- I came to realise the benefits of owning my own boots very quickly and so yes I have a lovely pair of Nordica - fit like slippers...


steve06877 - Thanks for the heads up re the bindings - to be honest I'd much rather go to a shop and buy them - much prefer to see and feel the ones I'm about to own before parting with hard earned cash !!
Looking forward to a few demos now - this feedback has been really helpful
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