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For the past week I have been on a stretching "bender." Last weekend I skied two days and developed symptoms consistent with an iliopsoas condition. I was having some glute discomfort that seemed to be a pririformis thing too. A two week trip to Vail beginning at the end of this week has provided some particular inspiration to rehab.

So I went on line and got some exercises and figured out some on my own. Have been doing them several times during the day. And at the end of the day I have been going to the gym and have worked in some stretching in between sets. And I have made some progress with the glute and iliopsoas discomfort for certain. But what amazes me the most is how much the aggressive stretching has just generally improved my gait. I walk so much more fluidly, "lightly" and with flexibility. I am not skiing this weekend but am looking forward to finding out how this increased general mobility and range of motion will affect me on the slopes. Leads me to wonder how much we are all limited in our efforts to become "perfect" skiers by the subtle rigidity in the back, hips and legs that comes from a sedentary lifestyle, or just as we age. Stretching will remain a part of my daily routine. 

My wife just brought home the mail, including a DVD series she just bought called "Tai Chi for Seniors." nonono2.gif

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