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I recently noticed I'm not able to engage my outside edge when turning to the right.  I'm trying to figure out why. I really don't remember this being the case last year, though I might not have noticed.


My boot soles were planed after the cuff angles were adjusted. I am on a custom footbed to deal with significant pronation on my right foot.  While not officially bowlegged, my right leg does curve to the outside.  I was also told that my left leg is close to 1/2" longer than my right.


The only change made to my boots from last season were replacing the liners with new Intuitions.  I'm wondering if the footbed might not have been sitting flat when they were molded.

Is there any way to check this without just getting them remolded?  Is there anything else I could check before making an appointment with my bootfitter (as he is an hour away).