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NM-Colo trip -- Taos ski school week?

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Taos ski week all it's cracked up to be?  We're doing our annual late Feb-early March New Mexico and So. Colorado trek again. Will spend the last weekend in Feb in Santa Fe visiting family, plan to go to Taos Sunday eve and stay thru Friday and then borrow a friend's house in Pagosa till March 9, altho we can flip the sequence. I think we'll just miss Texas spring break. So since we're planning to have a week at Taos we were thinking of doing the ski week. Has anyone done it?

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Hi EvanSilver--

Yes, I expect that it is all it's cracked up to be, and probably more! I haven't participated in a Taos Ski Week, but I know several of the coaches, and I've stayed in the St. Bernard Hotel and enjoyed the incredible hospitality, the extraordinary food, and the "more European than Europe" (in Warren Miller's words) ambiance provided by the legendary Jean Meyer and his staff.

And then, of course, there's the skiing at Taos, which often has some of the best powder skiing anywhere. Not really a beginner's--or even low-intermediate's--mountain, Taos is an incredible place for everyone of good intermediate skill and up.

In my opinion, a Taos Ski Week at the St. Bernard should be one of those "must do before I die" things on every skier's list.

Please be sure to give us a complete trip report if you go. And do go!

Best regards,
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Hi Bob,


Thanks for the inspiration. We'll sign up for the ski week beginning on first Monday in March. The guy on the TSV phone said that Sunday is mostly ski-off and placement, so you don't miss much by beginning late. The St. Bernard is a little out of our reach, alas, but we will stay somewhere close to the base rather than in Taos to avoid the a.m. drive. I'd rather drive into town for dinner when I'm not in a hurry. Last year we stayed at the Amizette Inn, a little funky but affordable, and we'll probably do that again. Any other bargain alternatives at the valley? 

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Taos ski weeks have been discussed in the forums and you might want to do a search to read more.  My opinion is a ski week is well worth the time and money.  I did 2 last year and my plan was to do at least one this year but an injury has kept me from it so far.  The first day involves a ski off and placement in a group, which takes all of 15 or 20 minutes, and then the group and the instructor get to know each other while skiing.  Don't miss the Tech Talk program at the St. Bernard bar on Tuesday at 4:30.  It is a discussion of modern ski technique and how it has developed.  It will help you put it all together.


BTW, Bob, you do not have to stay at the St. Bernard to take a ski week.   

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