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voile 3 pin cable bindings

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hi. Im new to skiing and I just bought some rossi bc 90 skis with these voile bindings and I wanted to know if anyone knows the right way to shorten the cables . I don't know if using a hack saw will be the best way. I just don't want to ruin the threads.
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Depends on if you have the old spring type cables, or the newer "Hardwires," which are not interchangeable with the old toe pieces, so upgrading is not possible.  With the spring cables you should be able to unhook them at the toe and then turn the cable to screw them longer or shorter.  If you shorten them so much that you end up with too much cable sticking out the back you have to cut it off.  I believe the Hardwires are changed by rotating the spring cartridge.



3-pin cables are definitely antiquated technology.  New tele boots don't have 3-pin holes anymore, but those bindings still work great for touring and mellow tele turing.

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I ended up cutting them with a pair of dikes. They made a nice clean cut
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Carry 1 or 2 spares plastic boots can stretch the cables.

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