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It's a ski, of course, but besides that.  biggrin.gif


Does anyone recall, or did anyone have this ski?  I know it's from the mid 90's.  They are 193cm, which is a comfy length for me, and in immaculate shape, bases, edges, topsheet, bindings, all good.  I checked the bindings, which I believe were more recent by the look of them, and it looks like Joe Jones was the only shop ever to do work on them, which is good.


Anyway I'm going to wax them up and take them out regardless, but I'd love to know what the TCX 04 was intended for.  They're very soft at first but spring back dramatically, something I usually look for since it's a good trait in bumps.  Naturally I've googled this and found nothing on the ski, just a few for sale, but no reviews. confused.gif