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Foot pain/numbness - ditched my boots last year

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So I want to start out by saying that if this includes material i'm not supposed to ask, just delete the thread... I read through it, but I have had such a hard time finding a reputable fitter in my area that I wanted to try here before I venture across state lines.


I am a 26 year old 240 pound male who is 6' tall. I have a lingering "injury" in my right ankle/foot from basic training that never healed right. It only seems to manifest itsself during runs, long walks without a warmup, and skiing. I think it really started to get worse as I gained weight (which I gather from some of my reading might be part of my problem and I am aware of that.) In spite of the weight and injury, I have tried to maintain a yearly tradition of skiing up here in the Northeast. Living in Connecticut doesn't afford the convenience I need to get out a lot, but I try for 2-4 times a year and I make a trip a year out to Frisco to ski Keystone/Breck/Vail.


Last year I ditched my Tecnica Diable Flame boots because they simply made my feet feel like they were better off my body than on. I rented a pair of boots from my brother's friend for the rest of the trip and although washy, the feeling was a ton better. I meant to try to get to buying a new pair last year but stocks were sold out and then by the time skiing was on my mind this year, shops were pretty wiped out. This brings me to some specifics:


I have a right foot that is size 9 and a left that is 9.5 (i've heard this is normal)

My foot when standing on the ground and measuring the width is 105mm

I have a very tall instep

My ankle seems to hurt more when my foot is forced into one position and kept there (pain when clipped into bike pedals as well)- I assume this is because that position is stressing some nerve/ligament/muscle/etc.


I have been to a few shops who have tried to fit me to boots in the area (I live about 15 miles south of Hartford) and while helpful in bringing me different boots that may fit my foot, none of them took the comprehensive approach demonstrated by the video in one of these "Ask the Boot Guys" links. THAT is the kind of support I am looking for. I consider myself an advanced intermediate skier and the biggest road block to my improvement is the lack of longevity on a given day on the hill.


I have recently tried on the Dalbello Blenders and have also tried to find the Axion 12s to try on. I was turned onto the 3 piece dalbello system as being a good remedy to my high instep problem. I have a real hotspot both on the outside of my ankle and the top of my foot when wearing any boots. I should also throw out there that I went to Surefoot at Killington last year and the guy told me all my problems with my Tecnicas would be solved with an orthodic. While im sure the $200 pricetag was doing a lot of the talking can anyone substantiate the theory?


If nothing else I would like to use this initial post to begin dialog that will lead to a pair of boots that bring skiing back into the realm of pleasure. Anyone that can suggest a local CT bootfitter who will devote some effort into "customizing" my boot I welcome to chime in.


Thanks a ton and I hope this leads somewhere.



EDIT: I think what I am looking for is someone who can recommend an experience similar to this in the CT/MA/NY area http://forums.alpinezone.com/showthread.php?t=6308. Here's to hoping!

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Went with Salomon mission RS 12s

Spent the day driving around the state and ended up getting good attention and knowledgable help at Bob' Ski Chalet in Bristol. They have the left boot for some modifications until Wednesday. Hope to hit up Killington or Stowe this Sunday. Will keep posted on the outcome.
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