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Rossignol S7 Demo

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I found a line on some 2011 S7's in a demo fleet for $399 w/binding.  The only catch is I would have to pay now and they stay in the fleet until April.


I know there is a lot of controversy on buying demo skis.  Is this price worth it for a ski that seems to street for about $800 plus bindings?


They do sort of guarantee the ski.  If there is something wrong with it, money gets refunded.  They will also ship them for free at the close of the season.



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Meh, I say go for it.  I've owned two sets of skis that were demos and they were just fine.  $399 w/ binding is pretty good.  Granted, you'll have a demo plate with an average binding, but I don't think it will be a horrible setup.  I can't imagine it was taken out everyday as well, and probably saw powder for at least 50% of those days.  Ski it for a season, then sell it for $250-300.

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Do they stil have those? Where are they located? Would love to pick up a pair.

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