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Aspen bound

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Hey, I fly into Denver the 5th of March. I'm trying to get to Aspen, can anyone help me out? I am a broke college student on spring break, if anyone could offer a lift I would greatly appreciate it.




Thank you fellow skiers and boarders,

Stuart Parker


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Broke college student headed to Aspen? Hmmmm. I'd give you a lift as far as Summit County, but I'm not going to be in CO until later that month.


My suggestion would be to switch destinations to a cheaper mountain, and then pay for a shared ride service. I think you can get to Summit County for around fitty bucks.


Good luck!

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I'm going for the backcountry, I'm not going to be in bounds at all. I'm gonna try some lines on and around the Bells. Thanks for the offer man, summit county sounds like a good fall back plan.

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If you pay for my gas to and from Aspen from DIA, it's a possibility.  My SUV likes gas and the only thing broker than a college student is a snowboard instructor.  I don't need to buy lift tickets - I get those for free. 

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I can't help with a ride, but once you get up to Aspen, I can help with current conditions.   Some of the lines you're talking about have serious consequences!

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