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getting to lake tahoe

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i am looking to plan a ski trip to lake tahoe. i live on long island new york and am looking for input regarding flights to either tahoe/reno, oakland, san fran or sacramento. direct flights are preferred and one stop at most. thanks

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You'll have to do your own flight research.  You have the luxury of two major airports on the NY side.  On the other side, I think only Reno is close enough that you could use a shuttle instead of renting a car.  In terms of the other airports, you need to weigh driving against cost.  In decent weather, the drive from SFO to Truckee is around 3.5 hours.  From OAK, it probably drops to 3 hours.  SMF may have fewer flight options, but cuts the time almost in half.  Keep in mind that winter driving may require 4WD and/or chains.

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Xela provides good info on airports and driving times.


We would be happy to assist you with booking a trip to Lake Tahoe.  Just send us a private message, email or call us with your trip details (i.e. travel dates, airport preferences, number in your party, lodging type requested, number of days skiing and where). 


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