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Dynastar vs Blizzard

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Which brand is better quality or are they about the same ?


After the Kastle's and Stockli's....which are the the best made skis in terms of quality control, materials, and construction ?

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Sorry, these kinda questions are funny to me. D=B, K=S. Make your choice using other parameters. 

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I could probably find something from each and love it.  They are all good.


I'd like to point out though...Stockli seems to have a cult following out here in Fresno.  And even amongst these Stockli diehards, Delam'd skis still turn up from time to time.  It would seem that even with the most expensive skis, defects can and do still slip through the cracks.

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any ski can be delaminated by slapping it down hard on firm snow or ice, as in jumping in firm conditions, stomping your skis on the flat, etc.


quality is best understood by comparing very specific characteristics. brand to brand is sometimes not very accurate, due to a wide range of models within the brand.

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