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securing my heel!

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Hi all,

I just purchased a new pair of Tecnia boots, for women. I can't say how amazing getting fit for boots and getting into the right one, is for your skiing!!! Anyway, my question is; although they fit great, no hot spots and I found out I was skiing in a size too big, yikes! My first run with them, I found my heal moved a bit more than I like. I think I'm not locking them in right or perhaps, not getting my heal back enough first? Any tricks for this. I find, I often am putting them on, right outside my jeep, and not in a lodge... THANKS!!!

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Hi ktnmitten,



tighten the ankle buckle till it hurts (oucheek.gif)---back off till it becomes just comfortable (hmmmmmsmile.gif)---leave it there, your heel won't move!!!


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If the soles don't look like crap from u stomping thru the lot, go back to the shop and exchange them for the smaller ones!! They screwed up so why shud u have to pay for that!!


If that cannot b possible, there ARE other options...

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thank you! i buckled in from top to bottom the next time and really kicked my heal back and that seemed to work much better, plus, i found out that i had my boot set at the easy level of my flex and put it to the tightest, also helped! I thought, since I'd up'd my flex rating by a lot, i'd start off easy...didn't need to! I can't go any smaller. It's the right size, I think I just was a bit easy on my first run on them. Thank you for the help!!!! I do have one more question... is there something I can put in the very tip of my boot that would cushion the toe a bit?

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Ok, this is a new ball of wax. Are you getting "Toe Bang" on tops of toes? I am confused on why you want to confine the toes.


I am thinking that you have flexibility isssus. A heel lift will get ur weight more foward and more on the balls of ur feet eliminating these issues. I am wondering about this boot configuration for your foot type... 

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Originally Posted by KTnMitten View Post

" is there something I can put in the very tip of my boot that would cushion the toe a bit?"

Anything you put in the boot will take up space (make it tighter)---what you need to do is retain the heel in the back of the boot---you may also need to grind out a little plastic---or stretch in front of your big toe(in most models  the front of the boot is thicker than the side walls)---cushion won't work.



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Odds are if your heel was lifting, and not your toes are hitting, your foot is able to move forwards so you are hitting the front.  (same cause for both problems)


adding a bit of foam over the instep, on the tongue, can help to secure the heel more.   Maybe a bit thicker sock might help?  more supportive footbed?


I think you nailed the issue in the first post.   your boots are too big...   Get a size smaller, and/or a model narrower.

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