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Bad Mount

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Got Brand New 08/09 Ehp's mounted the other day, used them as soon as I picked them up. Later on I seen that one screw was in my base, not a large bump but still very noticeable. Went to the shop wasn't to mad since the guy that did it wasn't there. However when I went to pick them up the owner was a total dick, I don't even think he knew about it. Only words he said to me were "What's this" when I handed him my stub. So I'm looking for some feedback, not really sure how damaged my ski is now. The guy who fixed it realized a core shot could rip the screw out, so i'm sure he didn't just give it a base grind and hit it with the razor blade. But should the binding still be in the same position? Should I demand MSRP for my ski's? Will this affect my bindings as well, Fritchi Freerides? Any Similar Stories and there outcomes......
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I had situation like this - the shop that mounted ski was the one I bought it from so I just returned it for full refund since they didn't have another unmounted one in the length I needed. This is very upsetting experience since it's a new ski.Fixing of this issue, as I was explained, involves retracting screw(s) (if driven too far) or using screw(s) of correct length (if incorrect one / too long was used) and hitting the bumps gently on bases with a hammer (!) to level them. Theoretically it doesn't impact life of ski, but it all depends on how far the "offending" screw went into the base - reverse core shot may more or less possible.

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