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Skiing after THR

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Looking for some hope after having a total hip replacement in October 2010. I has been 3.5 months and I was looking forward to skiing in April at Whistler but after experiencing more pain this time in my left hip I will be going in to get the other hip done. Anyone have any experience in coming back to skiing after bi-lateral hip replacement? Now I am looking forward to skiing the coming winter of 2011-12. I had a Metal on Metal implant ( BioMet Magnum ) so I could be active in skiing, hiking and mtn. biking. I am 59 and have been skiing Whistler for 43 years. I have read some posts here and read of bi-lateral hipsters skiing 100 days a year? Just wondering what training and suggestions and experience others have had with the recovery back to the slopes. Thanks for any input, Alan

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Alan, welcome to Epic. Sorry to hear of your struggles. You will find good help here.

So two stories. Next week, I will be skiing at Vail with my 86.5 year old uncle who had a hip done three years ago. Last year for his 85th, we climbed into Tuckerman Ravine on MT. Washington, NH.

Second story. The strongest skier I have turned with is a 69 year old Quebecois with double hips. I did not know this until I told him that my wife (54 yo) is headed towards a replacement in a month. The doc does what is called a MIS (minimally invasive surgery). They go through the backs side and spread rather than cut through the muscles, etc. Typically his patients are up the next day. And they are full fucntion within 6 weeks. We got the refl to this doc from a PT who works with this guy's patients - so no puffery from the doc. Just the straight poop. He is a skier too. He said no problem with that. Running is out. Not becasue she won't be able, but because it will wear out the prothesis. You may want to check it out.

Best of luck.


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Alan, I am a life long skier who just had a hip replaced on 10/27/10.   My recovery is going great but I am taking this year off of skis just to make sure my rehab is total before jumping back on skis.  I am back skating and doing long road rides with zero problem.  Hopefully Si will chime in here as he is a serious skier who has had both hips done and is still skiing strong.  He and I chatted on the phone once and he really put my mind at ease about what is possible again after THR.  By the way I also got a large head Metal on Metal hip and it feels super strong and stable.  Good luck.  Vic

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