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As a Dynastar ski fan, I arrange the chance to try 3 of Dynstar's frontside skis in back-to-back demos with the goal of figuring out what would make the best ski quiver.


The Contact 4X4 is the better all purpose frontside ski (I own

this ski in 178 length) and I skied  Contact 4X4, the Course Ti and Sultan 85 today to see how they compare to each other.


The Course Ti is Dynastar's cheater GS ski.  This is a very substantial ski.  It took a few runs to get the feel of this ski and I wasn't initially sure what to make of this ski.  This ski has no upper speed limit.   It has to be worked to get the maximum benefit out of this ski but after multiple laps on the same run,  I was able to carve increasingly tighter turns.  This is a race ski with an extra bit of girth around the waist (its 72 under foot)


The Contact 4X4 is a bit softer than the Course Ti and is a more versitile all round front side ski.  Compared to the Course Ti, it is fun, lighter and easier to initiate.  However, after 20+ days skiing the Contact 4X4, I thought that this ski had no upper speed limit. The Course Ti is more stable at very fast speeds, but the Contact 4X4 GS heritage shins thru on the hill.  The Contact 4X4 can be skied all day and doesn't require you to ski flat out all day/  The Course Ti has to be skied hard and fast all of the time.


The Sultan 85 is was a surprise.  I didn't expect this ski to be very response or to have good edge hold (compared to the Course Ti or Contact 4X4).  The Sultan 85 skied as quick as the Contact 4X4 and can hold an edge almost as good as the Contact 4X4.  No noticeable speed limit on the Sultan 85.


All of these skis have the classic Dynstar balance of dampness and stability.  These skis build confidence.  


If I could only have 1 ski, I think I would lean towards the Contact 4X4, but the Sultan 85 would be a very strong second choice.


For a 2 ski quiver, it would be the Course Ti and the Sultan 85.  But just in case I could only take 1 pair of skis with me, I'd get the Contact 4X4.