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Yet another "Hard to decide" thread. Atomic vs. Stöckli.

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 I am having a hard time deciding what ski to buy. My skiing style is fairly agressive, I like medium and long turns and speed at well groomed slopes (95% of the time). I am 5' 11" (181cm) long and my weight is 190lbs (~86kg). My skill level is perhaps "low advanced" or "advanced", let say 6 to 7 in 0-10 scale. My carving technique is improving every day but my current skis are limiting my skiing ability too much now and I really need to look for new skis before the end of this season.


I have narrowed my ski options to few models and I need some advice / personal opinnions about these skis.

Se here are some skis I have in my mind:



Atomic Race Ti GS (175cm)

 * 118.5 - 72 - 104

 * Radius 16.2m

 * PowerBrige (supposedly makes the ski stiffer and more "dynamic"


Atomic Supercross SX Ti (175c m) 

 * 118.5 - 72 - 104

 * Radius 16.2m

 - Specs are the same as above but this one doesnt have PowerBridge

 - Also this one has cheaper bindings

 - Price is cheaper compared to Race Ti GS



Stöckli Laser SC (170cm)

 * 114 - 63 - 95

 * Radius 14.8m


Stöckli Laser SX (170cm)

 * 120 - 70 - 99

 * Radius 15.6m


Stöckli Laser CX (170cm)

* 116 - 69 - 100

* Radius 15.1m



- Stöckli skis are know for their exceptionally good quality

- All these Stöckli models are much more expensive than Atomic skis mentioned above



First of all, what length should I go?

Should I choose one step longer or one step shorter version since I am not the lightest skier around :D


Have anyone tried any of these skis?

Do you guys have any recommendations which one would be a good buy for me?


Also, I would appreciate if you have more ski suggestions to look for!




Thank you.

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If you search, Dawgcatching posted a review that included the Stockli Lasers. The SC may be more SL-ish than GS. Hard to go wrong with the Laser SX or CX which have some positive reviews here and on other forums. If you don't mind the price I'd lean towards those.


In the same category as the Stocklis would be the Head Supershape Speed and Blizzard G-Force Supersonic or G-Power as well.

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Laser SX hands down, but also look at 178cm rather than 170cm for extra stabiliy (it won't give up much in ease of turning).  I'm a fraction taller and heavier than you (185cm / 93kg) and have both the Laser SC @ 170 cm and the Laser SX @ 178cm  and no way is the SX too much ski for me.  Dawgcatching rates the SX as probably one of the best front side carver around.

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Agree on the Stockli SX @178.  Also, don't rule out the SC @177; a bit more nible, and it rips.

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Laser SX.  End of story.  icon14.gif

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I just picked up the Laser SC and have not skied the SX. I can tell you the SC is incredible. I have the 177 and it say the turn radius is a little over 16M but they don't chatter if you run them a little straighter. They are FAST.


Although I haven't skied the SX, I have no doubt that you would not go wrong with them. Plus, they may be a little better in softer snow situations. I do think the SC is a pure carver.


Good luck






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Dynastar Course Ti are another good option and I just picked up Blizzard G-Force Supersonics in 181 cm that l will ski tomorrow. I will let you know if they disappoint . . .

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Thank you for the replies.


Everybody seems to be recommending Stöckli Laser SX model so I am interested how is CX behaving compared to SX. Is it just tighter turning version of SX?


I live in western Finland so my demoing opportunities are quite limited. I know one place where I can demo Stöckli SX and CX models and I am going to try them out. I just have to drive almost 200 miles to the skiing resort which is the only place where Stöcklis are available in Finland :/


Blizzard G-Force Supersonic seems to be interesting too but I couldnt find them on local skishops. I couldn't even find them on european online stores. Local skishop is selling Blizzard G-Force Pro model which is dampened version of the Supersonic as far as I know. I am afraid it doesnt meet my requirements.



Can you recommend what bindings I should get with Stöckli skis? Basically my options are limited to three brands, Salomon, Marker and Look.


Here are the models available: http://www.skis.fi/epages/Kaupat.sf/fi_FI/?ObjectPath=/Shops/Skis/Categories/Siteet


Basically my experience and knowledge about different bindings are very limited so I am a bit lost with this stuff because usually the bindings are coming with the skis but in Stöcklis case I have to choose my bindings. 




ps. Do you know any good websites / forums with stöckli reviews? Is there any other good skiing / skigear forums around?




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I would get a vist plate or at least a head carve plate. But, I like plates. You may not. I like the fischer/head/tyrolia freeflex bindings but if you go with the Vist plate it may not work with tyrolia depending on your bsl. I ended up putting the look PX racing bindings on my SC for that reason. It is my first set of look bindings and I like them.


Dawgcatching did a review of the SX and the SC. He gives a pretty solid reviews so do a search for it.


I recommend you go out and ski the SC, SX, and CX. Then pick one!




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Originally Posted by EdgeHolder View Post


Can you recommend what bindings I should get with Stöckli skis? Basically my options are limited to three brands, Salomon, Marker and Look.






Binding placement is critical and personal, so unless you are lucky and get the sweet spot first up, get a binding that is adjustable (fore and aft). Several of us have the Vist Speedlock system and swear by it, but given your limitation of choice, it would probably be the Marker Schizo.



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Hi Edgeholder , plenty of choice for you and you will really like any of the 3 Stockli you are looking at. 

I have the 2012 SC in a 177 , it is fantastic in short medium and long turns , even really useful in the moguls as the relatively softer forebody , when compared to the SX , won't jet you back too far  when you hit that steeply faced bump you didn't see !

The SC is a ski that won't punish you and will keep you interested all the way through your climb up the Ski Ability Ladder . The SX's are a stronger Ski and have a different character , they will prefer a generally larger turn shape , and are more work than the SC's in shorter turns and /or Moguls . I have many STOCKLI and absolutely swear by them , they are without peer . I can't comment on the CX's , I haven't had a Ski on them ...Yet... Ha HA !!


In short , go for the SC , but try them all if you get a chance ..


Good Luck , Fatty..

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