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 I am having a hard time deciding what ski to buy. My skiing style is fairly agressive, I like medium and long turns and speed at well groomed slopes (95% of the time). I am 5' 11" (181cm) long and my weight is 190lbs (~86kg). My skill level is perhaps "low advanced" or "advanced", let say 6 to 7 in 0-10 scale. My carving technique is improving every day but my current skis are limiting my skiing ability too much now and I really need to look for new skis before the end of this season.


I have narrowed my ski options to few models and I need some advice / personal opinnions about these skis.

Se here are some skis I have in my mind:



Atomic Race Ti GS (175cm)

 * 118.5 - 72 - 104

 * Radius 16.2m

 * PowerBrige (supposedly makes the ski stiffer and more "dynamic"


Atomic Supercross SX Ti (175c m) 

 * 118.5 - 72 - 104

 * Radius 16.2m

 - Specs are the same as above but this one doesnt have PowerBridge

 - Also this one has cheaper bindings

 - Price is cheaper compared to Race Ti GS



Stöckli Laser SC (170cm)

 * 114 - 63 - 95

 * Radius 14.8m


Stöckli Laser SX (170cm)

 * 120 - 70 - 99

 * Radius 15.6m


Stöckli Laser CX (170cm)

* 116 - 69 - 100

* Radius 15.1m



- Stöckli skis are know for their exceptionally good quality

- All these Stöckli models are much more expensive than Atomic skis mentioned above



First of all, what length should I go?

Should I choose one step longer or one step shorter version since I am not the lightest skier around :D


Have anyone tried any of these skis?

Do you guys have any recommendations which one would be a good buy for me?


Also, I would appreciate if you have more ski suggestions to look for!




Thank you.