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Volkl Mantra vs. K2 coomba

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Need some feedback,  choosing between the two.  The Coomba's can be bought for about 1/2 price of the Mantra(09 model leftover $300)  I am a 50 yr old advanced skier in  Breck who skis  70 percent groomed groomed . but enjoy the backside once in a while.  Have heard great things about both,   thanks

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Hey Kid; those are two pretty different skis.  I've skied the Coomba some and owned the Mantra.  The Mantra is a stiff ski with somewhat of a bias for the frontside and the east coast.  I didn't keep it long because for me it wasn't as user friendly in bumpy, technical terrain as I had hoped.  Having said that, they have a loyal following at Squaw.  The Coomba is a much softer ski more suited for the backcountry and light powder days, but they do well on the groomers for a 102 mm waisted ski.  Being forced to choose between those two it sounds like maybe the Mantra if you like strong carvers and you will spend 70% of your time on the front side, but you might be better served to cast the net out a little wider.   

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FWIW, they are selling the Coombas cheap because they decided their tele ski the Anti Piste skied better.  It was the same ski as the Coomba, only with a little tip rocker. They combined the two skis into the current tip rockered Coomback and discontinued the Coomba and Anti Piste.  The Coomba is a bit wide and has too shallow of a sidecut for a front side ski, and does not ski as well on the backside as the new tip rockered Coomback.  The Coomba is not a bad ski, and they are unloading them at a good price, but it is not near as good as a Mantra on the frontside, and not as good as many other options on the backside. 

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The coomba is now called the coomback, has tip rocker (like the antipiste), and is marketed as a backcountry ski.  They may be hard to find cheap this year, as they have pretty much sold out, and will be unchanged for next year.  If you can find a pair of antipistes, go for it, but I think they will be very hard to find.  I have a pair of coombacks, and love them, a great all around backcountry ski.

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If you do find some old Antipistes, make sure you get the ones with the multi-colored (ugly) topsheets.  The older ones with the brown fake wood grain do not have rocker.

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I like both of these skis.  If you're skiing 70% groomers and it's a choice between these two, I'd go with the Mantra.

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Thanks alot everyone for the info,, just found last years Mantra on REI site for $499 , couldn't resist.

ANY suggestions on bindings?

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