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My boots (Head Raptor LTD RS; 98/115) came with all the cuffs in the "+" position.  This resulted in me both having discomfort with tight buckling, and having much easier time pressuring OUTSIDE edge when in neutral stance (at the time I had factory footbeds).


So, I took the cuffs to "0" and put in Superfeet orange footbeds, and this has improved skiing performance, and comfort with tight buckling (when I tried superfeet with the "+" it was uncomfortable.  Because the superfeet footbeds essentially raise the heels, I had to have shell-work done to the left boot, and now all is well.



Anyway, should I not mess with this anymore, or should I experiment with a "-" cuff alignment??  (FWIW with the "0" in the shop the expert bootfitter had me stand on a piece of wood, flex, and told me my cuff alignment was fine at "0")  Like, will changing the cuff negate the benefit of all the hard-shell work I had done on the one boot?


If it makes any difference, I enjoy comfort with tight buckling, and will be using these boots for NASTAR, which is between GS and SL... trying to get the best cuff alignment for that.