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Marker MRR brake problem

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The brake on my Marker MRR turntable is broken. See picture. The plastic piece is intact but it seems like I am missing some sort of a pin that would go in the hole in the metal arm and connect it to the plastic part. Is this easy to fix? Anybody knows how?





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That spring arm usually has a short pin that goes into a metal slot that is attached to the underside of the plastic piece.  This was done to enable you to unhook the brakes for travel.  Looks like at least one of the sides of the pin broke off.  You can try to scour E-Bay for the older pieces and change the brake; or you can try to machine the pin, drill out the hole and try to press-fit it in. Looks quite difficult. 

Sorry I had an older pair of MRs but just sold it to another bear earlier this year. 

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I have found the original pin and managed to put it in by forcing the brake fully opened with one hand and pushing on the plastic pad with other hand. It was not easy. I had to use lots of force and was afraid that something would break. Is there a better way to do this? Some special tools?

I would like to check the pin on the other brake to make sure, I do not lose it. But I can get to it. If unhooking the brake is intended for travel (as you said), there should be an easy way???



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I have a pair of MRRs new in the box that were shipped without being clipped into the plastic pad.( like what you have shown.)  This was so the brake arms wouldn't spring out through the side of the shipping box and the pair would fit compact into said box......


This isn't a big deal.


The pin you are referring to is called a rollpin. A common hardware store part. If you found the pin great. It will save you an Easter Egg hunt in finding another in size and length. Reinstalling is understandably tough because you don't want it coming out again. You just need to support the vertical post with the hole in it so you don't bend it. If you do just bend it back so it sticks up straight. Clipping the pin/post assembly back into the plastic sole pad will also be a little tough too. You will never need to take this assembly apart again once assembled. The fact that yours is apart now is puzzling to me.


Carry on



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