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Vail 2-15 and 2-16 lesson

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I will be in Vail and was hoping someone could recommend an accredited ski instructor. I am an advanced skier to get a session for the steeps and to tighthen up some bad habits.


Thanks for any advice


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I'd suggest Greg Kelly (Golden Peak base), Jerry Berg (Lions Head), T.J. aka Todd Metz (Golden Peak), Gates Lloyd (Golden Peak) or John Wiltgen. They are all PSIA examiners and are excellent. Call 1-800-475-4543 asap to book one of them.

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I have skied with and been very impressed with Ric Reiter's passion for teaching.  He volunteered his time to coach the Epic Speed camp recently and posts here as Vail Snowpro 

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 Ric also has gone back to active examiner status after having been emeritus for several years.  He or any of the others would be excellent coaches for the OP's described wishes. 

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Great...Thank you very much....I guess doing a half day session is the norm here ?

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If you look at the private lesson pricing, you will find that a three-hour costs way more than half the six-hour. 

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I was in Vail last year and I took a group lesson from Joanne Yankovich. I thought the lesson was excellent. She is level 3 and was one of the Top 100 instructors. She definitely knows how to teach skiing.

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Excellent. I have calls into a few folks based your recommendations below. Thanks again. So my biz trip is turning more pleasure....Will be hitting A Basin from the airport for skiing a half day when I land. I spoke the rental shop and they were pretty vague on skis for demoing but I will shoot for a mid waist given should be sunny with temps around 35. If anyone rented from here and has a recommendation that would also be great. Thanks again !

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Jerry Berg will not be available, as he was injured ealier this season and just recently had surgery. He will be out the remainder of the season. He is doing well, though pretty bummed, as you might imagine.


With the President Weekend coming up shortly, you should book your choice ASAP, business is really picking up!

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