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SE PA shop for bindings mount

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I just ordered skis online. What is a good shop for mounting bindings in southeast pennsylvania and how much do they charge? Has anyone had any luck with REI in Conshohocken for this? 

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Wick's in Exton. 

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Buckmans can be unpredictable - with a central facility, thus the people you speak with are not involved with the actual work. 

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Anybody use Salter's?

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Salters is well respected in SE PA for boot fitting, skiers travel a distance for that and boot - ski alignment.    Bought skis & boots there a few years back, and have been very happy with the fittings and the service (tunes afterward).   Don't know what they charge for binding mounts, you could give them a call.

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I was in both Buckman's and REI yesterday.


Buckmans posted price is 75.


REI quoted $50, but I'm  a member.


As long as they have the manufactures mounting template, I would trust any of the shops listed.


In the Ski Shop Slang post, this is referred to as a "screw job" as all the shop does is screw bindings down. Pretty funny.

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Unfortunately, UPS killed my skis during shipping. I have to send them back and wait for replacements.

My list so far is

Ski Bum $70

REI $50 (for members)

buckmans $75

Wick's $79


The Loft near camelback shows $30 on their web site. I emailed them to confirm.

Maybe I could get it done in the morning during a weekday before going to camelback?

I know that I asked for SE PA but I trying to keep it convenient, cheap, and done right.

I think the others are overcharging a lot. REI seems reasonable though.

Did I miss any other places?

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