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Best Ski for Vail - Demos

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Hi everyone


Heading to Vail for the first time on some business with some skiing. I was planning to demo some rocker skis (or if anyone else has other thoughts) and thought about the Rossi S3 (I think thats the one ski with the amtek technology). Any other recommendations? I am an advanced skier but not a huge mogul guy and like everything else....steeps, glades etc. Coming from the East I own Dynastar Cross TIs which are my groomer east coast bomber and Sultan 85s. I have the 165 and 172s respectively in both and am 5 ft 7 and weigh 175. 


Any recommendations on a ski to demo out there would be great and also a shop too.



Chuck l

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S3 is a nice softer snow rocker that you should be able to find for demo. Blizzard The One may be better variant, but harder to find to demo. Dynastar Slicer is their version of S3. Elan makes the Spire, also rocker, also 98, also soft. Check Gear Review forum for reviews. If this is a rare event, then the 98-width will work in soft snow/trees elsewhere. Wider than that may be overkill. If it's gonna be an annual thing, might look at skis in the 105-115 range. S7's come to mind. 

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You can demo Blizzard "The Ones" at Double Diamond in Lionshead.  Also, I think Christy Sports in Vail has them.

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Gorsech demos Kastles. A great option too. 

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Also check out Tommy Tunes a stone's throw from the Vista Bahn on Bridge Street last building on the right befoe you get to the lift(real close). They have a website (google Tommy Tunes Vail) and they have the Rossi line listed as demos and they state in their demo info that you can exchange skis multiple times during the day. Because they are at the base of the lift (30 yds max) this becomes a lot easier to do plus they will provide a free basket for your stuff with a rental. (I think a basket is now $10 a day or higher)


I called them up last week to ask about mounting a pair of bindings and they were very accomodating. Told me to ship the skis and bindings to them and come in with my boots and they would have it done the next AM when they open.


Never demoed at Vail but plan to when I'm out at the end of the month. They have the Winterstiger machine so I'm hoping the skis are tuned well.

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Great..Thanks so much as I will try to demo a few options...This is great information and appreciate it...The Tommy Tunes scenario sounds great too....Of course the Slicer is interesting to me as I never had a bad experience on a Dynastar ski....It just seems to work for me so that will be definately on the hit list

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Check out Vail Ski Tech in Lionshead.  They have the best prices in Vail for sure, and have free boot (on dryers) and ski storage for renters.  You also get a discount if you reserve online.  Anytime my friends come in town, I have them rent there, and have always had a good experience.  Also, there ski and boot storage for non-renters is pretty inexpensive as well.  I want to say it's $5, but I can't remember for certain.

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I think it is a good idea to get recommendations ahead of time, but if it hasn't skied within a few days of when you head out, then your longer Sultans should be fine. 


With that said, much of Vail is a moderate pitch with lots of open bowls which makes me tend towards my longer, wider, less turny soft snow ski when it does snow (which it has done a lot this year!).  OTOH, for Beaver Creek down the road, I tend towards my more maneuverable soft snow ski.

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Chuckl.  Try Gorsuch as Philpug suggested.  It's a great high end store just a very short walk to the base and very convenient for swapping in and out of skis if you have the urge throughout the day.  Ask for Billy Schoff.  He's a great guy and a wealth of information.  So pick his brain about what to ski on and where you should head on that particular day based on your skiing preferences.  Tell him Art from NJ sent you in and I can promise you he'll A) take great care of you and B) royally break your stones.  Enjoy Vail, it's an amazing place to ski.

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I'd suggest Atomic Crimson TIs, i brought my Atomic SX B5 to Vail this January for 8 days of skiing, they are amazing on groomed surfaces or hard pack, but pretty much useless for anything. Endeded up demoing other skis, fell in love with Atomic Crimson TI, holds on any surface, very stable and fun to ride. Brought a smile to my face. A friend of mine demoed nordica hot rods, volkl AC30s and Crimson TIs, he ended up buying a pair of Crimsons.

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Excellent! Cant wait to hit it....I am actually taking a diversion to A Basin once I land Monday to save on some time and check out the great things I hear about that place. I also hear great thing about the Kastle skies and if they have the 88 I would jump on these to demo for sure once I get to Vail. At A Basin, I called and they mentioned the S3 as a demo option but were not specific to what they have so if anyone had experience renting there with suggestions to speak to whoever that too would be fantastic. So A basin Mon, Vail Tues/Wed and Thurs work which really is such an afterthought! Thanks Art and maybe hook up one day in NJ. I have a midweek pass to Hunter that has been great this year so if you every up there give me a shout. Thanks again!

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Enjoy your trip chuckl.  I'll pm you next time I head up to Hunter.

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