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Need Help: East Coast Guy on Business Trip to Seattle, where do I ski?

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I need to head out to Seattle for a business trip.   Planning on spending an extra day or two out there and want to get some good skiing in.    I know nothing about out there......Head to Whistler? or local stuff good or....


open to suggestions.



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Just make sure to hit the "Met" for a steak while you're in town!





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When will you be here, and tell us a little about what and how you like to ski.  Groomers, steeps, trees, etc.  How far do you feel like driving?  Whistler's obviously the closest big place, but it's a hike (4.5 hrs or so) for one day of skiing, and depending on your skill level and what you're into maybe not necessary.

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I just did that trip. Whistler is 6 hours away (I was told). Your realistic choices are AlpentaI, Stevens Pass, Snoqualmie  or Chrystal Mountain.  I did Chrystal Mountain, which is less than 2 hours from Seattle, but it's huge and steep by Eastern standards, and it has great views of Ranier.  I stayed at the Alpine Inn, which was cheap, but the bar was friendly,the restaurant was pretty good, and the location was perfect.  

Conditions have been pretty sketchy throughout the Northwest this year, but Chrystal was way better yesterday than it was on Monday.  Chrystal is really generous to PSIA/NSP members as well, so bring your card if you have one.

Plan on renting skis.  You may want anything from a slalom ski to a full rocker, depending on what day you are there.  You'll want yellow goggles as well.

It's all about the conditions, and you don't really need to make a decision until you get there.



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Originally Posted by Bode Klammer View Post


Whistler is 6 hours away (I was told).

Only if you hit bad traffic at the border and rush hour in Vancouver (both are possible if you do it at the wrong time of day and pick the wrong border crossing).  It's more like 4.5 if everything goes smoothly.

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If you only have 1 or 2 days, go to the local resorts mentioned by Bode Klammer.  If we can be of assistance with your travel plans, please feel free to send us a PM, email or call us.  We would welcome the opportunity to work with you on your trip planning. 

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Whistler is too far if you only have 1-2 days.  Same probably goes for Baker.


I live in Seattle and Crystal if my favorite of the 3 areas within a day trip's distance.  It has a great variety of terrain. 


If you're going to spend each night in Seattle you may want to consider a day at Crystal and a day at Alpental (part of "The summit at Snoqualmie").  It's very small, but has good vert and lots of nooks and crannies and can keep you interested all day easily.  It has lots of challenging terrain and not much else, so I wouldn't advise going there if you ski blues. 

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I still wanna know what time of year he'll be here and what days of the week he'll be able to ski before recommending anything.  For example, I can't stand Alpental on a Saturday if the snow is good: brutal lines, way worse than Stevens or Crystal.  I think it's because it's just too close to the city.  And if he's got 2 days to ski, and doesn't mind staying somewhere outside Seattle in between, Baker's very doable.  Too far for 2 back to back day trips though, IMO, if he's staying in Seattle overnight.  But that's up to him, I guess.

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If the days are on the weekend, then Baker is the one you want.  The place is much, much, much less crowded than anything closer to Seattle.  Given two week days I would either ski Crystal twice, or Crystal one day and Stevens the other.  Alpental is great, but much more limited than the other places.

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HI all


Thanks for all the input, I really do appreciate it   I hope my ski day will be on Friday Feb 25th.


As for my skiing style, until last year it had been years since I skiied.   Got my little guys 4 & 6 (YouTube search: Big Orange Gate Pirates) out last year, they loved it so we have a season pass at Shawnee Mt in the Poconos in PA this year and I have got back into the groove.  To quote Toby Keith, "I aint as good as I once was", but I am having fun and legs are feeling good.  I am not looking to do anything wild, but want to challange myself and get a good day in.   I love skiing behind my kids etc, but its time for some 'daddy time'     


I dont own skis, currently using a season rental, so I may just rent out there......


Thanks again for the input

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Confirmed my trip today, looks like I am going to try Crystal on the 25th

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You will enjoy Crystal, it's a nice mountain and on a Friday it should be relatively uncrowded.  If you manage to get a clear day, wait until you see the views of Mt Rainier from the top of the Mt Rainier Express or the gondola.  And on the plus side, winter is finally starting to show itself around here again.  With any luck, you may get some good snow.

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Here's a link for a spot weather forecast for Crystal Mountain.  I think you will be pleased, it looks like snow all week with good temperatures.  You should have a blast!



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Yea, the comment about Mt Rainier  is what made me choose Crystal.   Ski all day, red-eye back to home, then ski Poconos on Sat with the kids, sounds like a great 24+hours...


Thanks again everyone here for the help, appreciate it.

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