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Another Utah vs. Tahoe

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New to this site and like it very much thus far.  There seem to have been a lot of discussion of this subject in the past, but none of the previous threads quite fits my circumstances, so I'm going to pose an inquiry to the folks here on the forum.


Next season (Jan '12; never too early to plan, right?), my friends and I are planning a skiing trip west from Boston.  There will likely be 5-10 of us ranging from competent to expert.  We are a mix of skiers and snowboarders.  Due to the proximity of many resorts and airports, we have narrowed down our choices to SLC and Tahoe.  We care about apres-ski activities slightly more than not at all.  Most of us have been to Utah for 1 week, but not to Tahoe.  Many have told me that Utah is just the no-brainer.  However, most of us have been there, plus the snowboarders don't get to experience Alta.  Utah has its snow, and it seems the both regions have more than enough terrain for any of us.


So, what are your thoughts?  Plus, where, specifically, do people suggest staying in either area?  How would you break down a week of skiing in either area?  Also, is the fact that we plan to go the first or second week of January something to factor into our decision? Anyone think they have any particular insights that most people won't say off the bat?



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Where did you ski in UT? Where did you stay?  How did you like it?


I think staying in PC makes more sense for a group of 10 friends than lodging in the salt lake valley and skiing the cottonwoods.

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If you have a big group, you can get ski-in ski-out at Park City, and everyone can come and go as they please, but the aggressive types will feel a little cheated if they don't get to Snowbird/Alta/Solitude.

I've never been to Tahoe, but I think that's another place where you need rental cars to get around to different areas.  It's always Utah for me, but we stay in the valley and drive up every day. That's no so good for a big group with variable skills, and not so girlfriend friendly either. 



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Both regions offer you may places to ski and ride.  However, in SLC the boarders would not be able to visit Alta and Deer Valley.  Since you all have been to SLC for a week why not go some place new to explore?  Weather and snow conditions are very unpredictable; therefore, we would suggest that you check out and see what the historical data for those areas reveal for your proposed travel period.  Mother Nature is definitely not predictable but this will give you some good information.  We can help you with lodging and trip planning.  If you want to send us a PM, email or call us with your specifics, we would be happy to provide you with some lodging recommendations and pricing.

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South Lake Tahoe has super cheap hotels/motels.  You can stay at a hotel within 4 minutes walk to the Heavenly Gondola or one of the four casinos with bars, clubs, restaurants, and other amenities.  Plus, there are either free or $10 round trip shuttle services to Sierra at Tahoe, Kirkwood, and Squaw Valley.  You do not need a car once you get to South Tahoe.

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