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I am new here and with the huge quantity of splendid information available in these forums I would like to suggest a feature that, in my opinion, would be extremely useful. It would consists of adding an additional button in each post where you could click to save that post in a list in your profile. Let me explain it in detail:


   - When you click the button in a post, that post is automatically added to a list in your profile called "Your Favorite posts"

   - Whenever you want to review the information of those posts, you can access that list where you will have all the links to your favorited posts.


That's it!


Thanks for your dedicated work, these forums are priceless!!


EDIT: A simpler way of achieving the same goal would be to allow each users to access the list of post that they "Liked".

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In the upper right hand corner of each post is a number (above, your is #1). If you right-click on that number you can select "Bookmark this Link" in Firefox - or select "Add to Favorites" in IE.

When the Form to save it pops up you can also add a title or information text explaining what it was about. Probably practical to create a subfolder and save all EpickSki links in one folder.

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