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Back problem --> Hips not aligned --> Legs unequal length

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First of all, as this is my first post in these forums, let me introduce myself. I am from Barcelona, Spain and usually ski around 9-10 times each season in the Pyrenees (the mountains between Spain and France), no very big resorts, short of snow, but 2 hours away from Barcelona smile.gif! I started to ski when I was 4-5 but from 14 to 18 I didn't have the chance to ski.


Ok, after the introduction let's see my concerns, my case is a bit specific. I have a back problem (scoliosis) that causes the hips to be somehow not aligned, and in turn causes my left leg to be effectively 1,2 cm longer. In my day to day life this is not a big deal, because my back is "compensated" and I don't feel any pain nor annoyance.  However, skiing is all about alignment, and despite that I enjoy every trip to the mountains, I am a bit concerned with some symptoms that I have. Basically, what I notice is that my left ski is always in its little toe edge, so when going straight forward, at moderate speeds, I loose a lot of comfortability.


I have been trying to find a good boot fitter here in Spain (and Andorra), but it seems that here this expertise is absolutely missing (they only offer me new pairs of boots as a solution, even that I feel my boots to be very comfortable and quite adjusted to my feet). I don't know if I should try to "play" with the canting adjustment or introduce some insoles to try to correct this, but I'm afraid that sometimes the cure can be worse than the disease hehehe.


Well, sorry for the long message and thank you very much for your contributions. This site is absolutely impressive, we have some good ski forums in Spain but nothing like this. Thank you for the site and for allowing people like me to participate!



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if you dont have a local boot fitter to help you, then you are going to have to play with this.


try some footbeds (thicker on the short side) and adjust the upper cuff aligment (canting) so you can get the skis close to flat, AND have your back feel good.

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Any shop should be able to adjust one ski for your leg length discrepancy by putting shims under the binding toe and heel.  Do not fully compensate for the discrepancy (at least not immediately).  Instead compensate about 1/2 the amount of your leg length difference and try it.  Make certain there are no back problems caused by the change.  If your skiing likes the change and there are no physical complications you can add a few mm at a time but may not get to the point the discrepancy is fully compensated for.



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